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YDK120-100-4 100W Air Conditioning Fan Motor Evaporative Cooler Motor

Cooler Motor Manufacturer Model #:YDK120-100-4
Cooler Fan Motor Phase: 1
Air Cooler Motor Dia: 120mm
Thermal Protection: Automatic
OEM Direct Replacement Motor
Insulation Class of Air Cooler Motor: B
Maximum Ambient Temperature: 70° C
Voltage of Air Cooler Motors: 220-240V
Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) fan motor
Ship Weight of Air Cooler Fan Motors: 3kgs
Speeds of Cooler Fan Motor: 850-1350RPM/3 SPD
Frequency of Evaporative Cooler Motor: 50Hz/ 60Hz
  • YDK120-100-4

  • Tingertech

  • 100W

  • 60Hz 


Product Description

evaporative desert air cooler fan motor manufacturers factory suppliers -

Find Evaporative Cooler Motor for evaporative air cooler, desert cooler motor, air cooler motor, Indoor Fan Motor for air conditioner, Fan Blower Motor factory, manufacturer, wholesale, dealer and quickly obtain the latest quotation, select more quality Fan Motors, Air Conditioner Parts and HVAC Repair Parts manufacturer and supplier here at Tingertech.

Nomenclature for Air Cooler Motor


Y: asynchronous air cooler motor

S: Dual shaft evaporative cooler motor

D: Single shaft swamp cooler motor

K: Air conditioning motor

140: Desert cooler motor frame (outer diameter of stator)

150: Cooler fan motor output power

6: Number of poles

A: Factory design code (or customer code, etc.)

Air Cooler Motors Features

1. Tingtech's single phase capacitor start desert cooler motors, swamp cooler fan motors, evaporative cooler motors and other air cooler fan motors are with steel housing, designed for cooling system, evaporative air cooler etc, suit for hot weather environments.

2. Stable quality cooler motor wiring is with excellent insulation and heat transmission properties.

3. Nice appearance, high starting torque, low starting current, smooth turning, low temperature rise, low vibration, low noise and great overload performance.

4. Saving energy cooler fan motors, higher efficiency cooler motors.

5. Long life evaporative cooler fan motor which quipped with overheating protection, good Protection against Humidity.

6. Cooler Fan Motor models are with power of 25W, 30W, 45W, 60W, 80W,100W, 120W, 150W, 180W, 200W, 250W, 300W, 750W, 1100W & 1/5HP, 1/3HP, 1/2HP, 1/5HP, 3/4HP, 1HP.

7. Special swamp cooler motors can be designed according to customer's requirement.

8. Our evaporative cooler fan motors are wildly used in market of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Dubai, Bahrain, Iraq, Sudan, Iran, Kuwait, Jordan, Oman, Yemen, etc.

Cooler Fan Motor Technical Specification


Air Cooler Fan Motor

Motor Application

HVAC/R Parts

Motor Sub Application




Motor Design

Permanent Split Capacitor



Full Load Amps


No. of Speeds






Nameplate RPM




Motor Service Factor


Motor Thermal Protection


Ins. Class


Duty Cycle


Max. Ambient Temp.

60 Degrees C

Motor Shaft Rotation


Motor Enclosure Design

Open Dripproof

Evaporative Cooler Fan Motor Meet the Most Demanding Quality Requirements

As a fan motor manufacturer of AC fan motors, including air cooler motors, air conditioner fan motors, indoor fan motors, outdoor fan motors, window AC fan motors, condenser fan motors, general purpose fan motors, fan coil motors, heat pump fan motors, resin Packing motors, EC fan motors, AC centrifugal fans and EC centrifugal fans, Tingertech quickly and reliably meet your custom requirements. You can always rely on the proven Tingertech quality. High-quality technical production and processing plants, as well as the handling of qualified and experienced engineers and specialists ensure the highest standards of air cooler motors. To maintain quality standards, Tingertech has introduced a quality management system.

Needless to say, our cooling fan motors meet the requirements of international standards and state-of-the-art technology. This is how we ensure global use and durability of evaporative cooler fan motors.

fan motor test in fan motor suppliers factory manufacturers

Air Cooler Motor Models












Rotation Insulation Class
YDK140-150-6T5 220-240 50 1/5HP 850/3 SPD 10 CCW B
YDK160-185-4A 115/127 50/60 1/4HP 1425/1725 10 CW-SE B
YDK160-185-4A2 220/230 50/60 1/4HP 1425/1725 10 CW-SE B
YDK160-245-4A 115/127 50/60 1/3HP 1425/1725 10 CW-SE B
YDK160-245-4A2 220/230 50/60 1/3HP 1425/1725 15 CW-SE B
YDK160-375-4A 115/127 50/60 1/2HP 1425/1725 15 CW-SE B
YDK160-375-4A2 220/230 50/60 1/2HP 1425/1725 20 CW-SE B
YDK160-550-4A 115/127 50/60 3/4HP 1425/1725 20 CW-SE B
YDK160-550-4A2 220/230 50/60 3/4HP 1425/1725 20 CW-SE B
YDK160-735-4A 115/127 50/60 1HP 1425/1725 30 CW-SE B
YDK160-735-4A2 220/230 50/60 1HP 1425/1725 30 CW-SE B
YDK120-120-4 220/240 50/60 120 1350 5 CW-SE B
YDK139-150-6 208-230 50/60 150 930 10 CW-SE B
YDK139-200-4 208-230 50/60 200 1180 10 CW-SE B
YDK139-350-4 208-230 50/60 350 930 12 CW-SE B
YSK139-350-4 208-230 50/60 350 1200 10 CW-SE B
YDK139-100-10 208-230 50/60 100 520 6 CW-SE B
YDK139-150-4 208-230 50/60 100 1100 6 CW-SE B

Air Cooler Motor from air cooler motor factory

Evaporative cooler motors, desert cooler fan motors, swamp cooler motors and others air cooler motors are specifically made and designed to keep air coolers running smoothly, quietly and efficiently, especially to maintain low temperature rises. This means better air cooler system reliability and performance with less maintenance. Tingertech focus more on stable quality at competitive fan motor price.

Air Cooler Motors Materials

1. Cooler Motor Bearing: NSK low noise high quality rolling bearing.

2. Plug-in brass terminals for air cooler fan motor.

3. Air Cooler Motor Shaft: single shaft with nickel plating treatment.

4. Enclosure for swamp cooler motor surface: electrophoretic coating treatment.

5. Air cooler motor wiing: 100% pure copper or aluminum as your request.

Fan Motor Manufacturers- Tingertech

Tingertech, as a leading fan motor manufacturer in china and Centrifugal Fan manufacturer, owns 3 factories, Changzhou Tinger Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd for centrifugal fan , Changzhou Changpeng Motor Co., Ltd for fan motor, stator and rotator factory for fan motor. Also Tingertech helps customers source HVAC/R parts. With 15+ years of manufacturing and sourcing experience, there are 100+ employees in Tingertech factory and head office. We supply the full support for producing and sourcing, including: a. producing Centrifugal Fan, Condenser Fan Motor, Cooler Motor, Air Conditioner Fan Motor,Furnace Fan Motor, Furnace Blower Motor,  Fan & Blower Motor, Heat Pump Fan Motor, Universal Fan Motor, Indoor Fan Motor, Outdoor Fan Motor, Fan Coil Motor, BLDC Fan Motor, EC Fan Motor and Stepper Motor; b. sourcing HVAC/R parts, like Refrigeration Tool, air conditioning parts, ventilation parts, refrigerator and refrigerant parts.

fan motor factory manufacturers suppliers air cooler motor

Strong Points of cooler motor manufacturer

1. 1,0000+ square meters fan motor factory area.
2. 1000,000+ fan motors monthly production capacity.
3. 15+ years electric fan motor manufacturer history.
4. Most of fan motor parts are produced by our own, include stator core, rotator core, stator assembly, rotator assembly, coil winding, cover assembly, motor assembly and test etc.
5. With Professional QC team and Perfect cerfication system.
6. Prompt reply within 8 hours.

stator - fan motor factory fan motor supplier stator press fan motor manufacturing fan motor factory stator assembly for fan motor test - fan motor manufacturers fan motor assembly and test in fan motor manufacturers factory suppliers

Customized Electric Fan Motor Solutions

At Tingertech, you always have a personal contact who will be happy to advise you and answer your questions about the best fan motor solutions for your application - quickly and competently. High-quality technical production and processing systems and the handling of qualified, experienced engineers and skilled workers guarantee you the highest motor standards. Additionally, all of our AC fan motors and EC motors comply with current ISO standards.

Tingertech sees itself as a long-term partner and advisor to the fan motor industry. Numerous customers at home and abroad have already appreciated the high quality of our air cooler fan motors and our fast and flexible service.

Cooler fan motor manufacturing Processes

It takes a lot of manual work, skill and years of experience to offer such a wide range of cooler fan motors. In addition, Tingertech has dipping equipment and drying kilns with shaft heights up to 800 mm, an in-house welding shop for flexible production of special components and custom welding designs, VPI dipping equipment and experienced specialists who truly understand their processes. This is how we guarantee the high quality, reliability and durability of our air cooler fan motors.


Our stator core and rotor core for air cooler fan motor from blower motor manufacturers, Tingertech, are built up of thin punched laminations of Silicon Steel, its stator laminations and rotor laminations are made by high speed punch machine which is invested by our own, and this plays a vital role in quality of ac fan motor. Over 10 Million press strokes per day allows output of over 100 Tons finished stator / rotor core laminations each day.

stator core and rotor core for ac fan motor


Professional in the fan motor technology, team from cooler fan motor manufacturers has extensive experience working with both copper and aluminium wire in various forms to provide coil winding solutions. Our broad customer base demands that we cannot only supply our standard range of fan motor but also have the capability to provide custom solutions to solve challenges others can't.

coil winding for ac fan motor


Tingertech, the ac condenser fan manufacturers, has specialized in the fan motor technology, stator assembling can be solved by our own professonal assembly technique. It meets the requirements of series production in ac fan motor, condenser fan motor, evaporator fan motor and other fan motor for ac unit. We develop and examine the entire process chain - from slot insulation to impregnating the stator and test.

stator assembly for fan motor


Rotor assembly is critical to fan motor in a variety of industries and applications, like condenser, air conditioner, evaporator etc. Tingertech, oem blower fan motor manufacturers, provides high quality silicon steel material to create professional and high quality rotor assembly for all electric fan motors. A rotor assembly of ac fan motor normally includes a cylindrically shaped shaft, a processed rotor iron core and a bearing.

rotor assembly for fan motor


Motor shaft is the main component in electric fan motor. A shaft is a mechanical section for rotating and converting torque. The size of the shaft significantly affects the torque in fan motor. In addition to the need to mount the rotor and a variety of attachments, like bearing, the model of the motor shaft is based on the cooling concept selection of the electric device. Always, Tingertech, air cooler motor supplier & manufacturers, only provides you the good quality fan motor & motor parts!

shaft for fan motor


Motor assembly includes assembling stator assembly, rotor assembly and end cover assembly with front cover. Fan motor testing from ac condenser fan motor manufacturers, Tingertech, covers the whole areas from stator insulation test, electronic integrated test bench for winding inserting, motor integrated test bench, motor performance test, noise test and appearance detection through to dynamometer for high performance electric motor testing.

ac fan motor assembly - fan motor manufacturers factory suppliers

Common Cooler Fan Motor Applications

Tingertech offers a complete line of HVAC fan motors designed to operate in the harshest applications while reducing total cost of ownership. Our fan motors can be used in a variety of applications including air cooler fan motors, air conditioner fan motors, indoor fan motors, outdoor fan motors, window AC fan motors, condenser fan motors, general purpose fan motors, fan coil motors, heat pump fan motors , resin encapsulated motors and EC fan motors. We can also customize any fan motor version for specialized HVAC applications.

1. Cooler motors from Tingertech, the cooler fan motor manufacturers & suppliers, can be applied in various kinds of air coolers, evaporative air coolers, desert air coolers and swamp coolers, commercial and residential.

2. Air conditioning system.

Evaporative-desert-swamp-Air-Cooler-Air-Conditioner-Humidifier-Water-Cooler use cooler fan motor suppliers factory manufacturers

24/7 After Service Availability

As a fan motor factory & manufacturer for HVAC applications, Tingertech offers our customers further important plus points except focusing on fan motor quality. One of our focal points is the fast delivery of fan motor orders - including special designs. Not many fan motor manufacturers are able to claim that they can supply brand-new fan motors from their own ranges but also the OEM replacement motor of other brands within just a few days.

Flexible machining from our fan motor manufacturer allows us to achieve exceptional response times. Tingertech customers around the world appreciate our fast delivery service. Try us out! Team of experts from Tingertech will help you to find the right fan motors for your HVAC application.

24-hour Emergency Hotline

Tingertech provides a 24-hour hotline for our fan motor customers. You can use it to reach us around the clock in the case of a pressing operational disruption. With Tingertech, you can depend on a fan motor manufacturer who can supply fan motors with various voltages and outputs even outside normal working hours - all around the world.

after sale service for air conditioner motor air cooler motor fan coil motor fan motor manufacturers factory supplier



1. Q: How we get a same motor as we need?

A: For your same motor, please share us:

a.Your motor image and nameplate;

b.Detailed size of your motor.

2. Q: Can you provide us sample, is it free or need to pay?

A: Free sample is always available, freight cost on customer's side.

3. Q: What's your payment term?

A: 30% deposit and 70% balance before shipping by LC,TT on FOB term.

4. Q: What kind of product you can provide?
A: As a professional factory of hvac motor and centrifugal fan (housing fan), many different motor models and centrifugal duct fans are on our list: fan coil unit motor for central air conditioner, motor for split, cabinet, window, ceiling air conditioner, cooler motor, blower motor, fan motor, heat pump motor, universal fan motor, indoor fan motor, outdoor fan motor, condenser fan motor, PG motor, and other HVAC/R MOTOR; BLDC motor, EC motor, stepper motor, single and three phase motor; AC Centrifugal fan, EC centrifugal blower as well as other HVAC parts, which are on our service to help cusotmer purchase.

5. Q: Is there a MOQ for your motors?
A: Yes. The MOQ is between 100-500pcs for different models after sample approval. And it's also okay for us to accept smaller lots for the initial order.

6. Q: Could you send me a price list?
A: Most of our motor are not standard products, they are customized based on different requirements like voltage, power and shaft dia and length etc. Thus, it's really difficult for us to provide a price list. If you could share your detailed requirements and quantity, we'll be sure to offer a very competitive price.


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