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A130050 ATEA HVAC Thermostat For Refrigerator Air Conditioner Freezer Thermostat Replace For ATEA And TAM

Temperature controller, it is to point to according to the temperature change of working environment, produce physical deformation inside switch, produce certain special effect thereby, produce a series of automatic control elements that lead or disconnect action, also call temperature control switch, temperature protector, temperature controller
  • A130050
  • Tingertech
  • 50Hz  60Hz  50/60Hz 

Product Description

Thermostat's working principle is to automatically sample and monitor the ambient temperature through the temperature sensor. When the ambient temperature is higher than the control set value, the control circuit is started and the control error can be set. If the temperature is still rising, when it reaches the set over-limit alarm temperature point, start the over-limit alarm function. When the controlled temperature can not be effectively controlled, in order to prevent the damage of the equipment can also stop the equipment to continue running through the function of tripping. It is mainly used in various high and low voltage switchgear, dry transformer, box transformer and other related temperature fields.

Application of Thermostat

THERMOSTAT can be used at cooler, refrigerator, air- conditioner, water heater, fryer etc. We also supply other model of thermostat, welcome to contact with us.

Features of  Thermostat

Product name
Rating voltage
Standard load
Contract Resistance
Below 50mΩ
Insulation Resistance
Above DC500V 100mΩ
Life run for operation
Material of capillary

Specifications of Thermostat

The cooling thermostat including saginomiya type, ranco type, Ranco type,SAGINOMIYAtype,ROBERTSHAW type,GE type,ATEA type, TAM type and DANFOSS typle for refrigerators,WM damper for non-frost refrigerators,FWK drain for window type air-conditioner,YG/YD pressure switch for air conditioner as pressure protection etc.

Temperature automatic control for removing frost and for protecting the frozen rupture in the cold storage or freezing systems.

*With temperature protect thermal cut off

*Easy to install at the small or narrow space

*Slim shape -Small size with high contacting capacitance

*Available waterproof and dustproof types with welding vinyl tube on the parts

Also we have heating typle thermostat for your choice.


1) Designed temperature range: -35°C ~ 350°C

2) Capillary Length: 300-3000mm

3) On-off temperature difference: 3°C- 10°C

4) Fitting size: 28±0.25mm

5) Rated at 16A/250V 50/60Hz

6) Main body temperature: T90 / T150

7) Electric strength: 800v/s between two pin.

8) Insulation resistance: ≥100MΩ

9) Control type: mechanical temperature controller

10) Contact resistance:≤50MΩ

11) Operating life: ≥ 100,000times


13) Widely used for electric water heater, washer, electric oven, fried pan, ice machines, fish ponds, etc.

14) Manufactured on customers' request

15) Welcome your consults at any time