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Sourcing Centrifugal Fan & Fan Motor & HVACR Parts from Tingertech

 For Manufacturers & Suppliers

Our modern fan motor manufacturers & centrifugal fan manufacturers allow us to offer great quality fan motors & low pressure centrifugal fans & furnace fans to appeal to your target customers. As a leading ac fan motor factory & centrifugal fan suppliers, you can trust that we are here to provide you with the best centrifugal fan & fan motor in the market.

 For Brand Owners

We have worked with different brand owners helping them fulfilling their businesses from centrifugal fan, ac fan motor to HVAC parts solutions. We are willing to walk the journey with you to ensure that we help you better realize what you want and realize your brand’s perfect solutions, contact your oem centrifugal fan air cooler manufacturer & fan motor manufacturer now to get best quotes.

 For Wholesalers & Distributors

Being one of the most equipped centrifugal fan manufacturers & cooler motor manufacturers & ac condenser fan motor factory & fan motor supplier & fan motor factory, we offer the competitive low pressure centrifugal fan, ac centrifugal fan, ec centrifugal fan, universal fan motor, fan coil motor,evaporative cooler fan motorcondenser fan motor, heat pump fan motor and air conditioner fan motor at a reasonal cost. This allows us to work with you to ensure that you can extend great prices to your customers.

 For (Online) Shop Owners & Contractors

We have worked with different shop owners & contractors. Being leading ec blower fan manufacturer, ec centrifugal fan manufacturer, centrifugal fan suppliers & electric fan motors suppliers with more than 1000 different models as well as your sourcing office in China of various HVACR parts, we can fulfill all your desired HVAC parts in the most convenient way.

AC Fan Motor Manufacturers & Suppliers

Fan motor comprises of a stator and contain a turning rotor inside, which is encompassed by shaft pieces, also bearing, cover, housing, wiring (copper or aluminum), thermal protector, etc.. The sorts and sizes of our AC fan motors are different. As a professional fan motor factory and supplier, window air conditioner fan motor factory, over 1000 different models for your a c fan motor replacement, heat pump fan motor replacement and fan coil motor replacement are available in our ac fan motor manufacturers, Including condensor fan motor, evaporator fan motor, air conditioner fan motor, furnace fan motor, fan blower motor, universal condenser fan motor, , coil fan motor, cular fan motor and other hvac fan motor for ac unit. To get ac fan motor cost, contact Tingertech now!

China Centrifugal Fan Manufacturers & Suppliers

Forward curved Low pressure centrifugal fan for oem centrifugal fan air cooler, ac centrifugal blower and furnace fan are available as single inlet or double inlet variants in our oem ec blower fan manufacturer, oem ec centrifugal fan manufacturer. Low pressure centrifugal fan or furnace fan is characterised by its cylindrical shape, furnace fan parts includes centrifugal fan motor, furnace fan motor, furnace blower motor and centrifugal fan impeller or called centrifugal fan wheel, furnace fan impeller has many centrifugal fan blade. The furnace fan blower, inch blower can rotate in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. Tingertech, oem ec or ac centrifugal fan supplier & oem ac or ec centrifugal fan factory, do its best to help customers on requests on static pressure, volume, power of centrifugal fan.

Fullfill Your Centrifugal Fan & Fan Motor Needs

Professional Centrifugal Fan & Fan Motor Manufacturers

Tingertech, a centrifugal fan manufacturers & fan motor manufacturers, also ac fan motor factory & centrifugal fan suppliers of 15+ years, has professional research and development capabilities and rich production experience, ensuring that our customers can get the most reliable centrifugal fan fan and fan motor at the most favorable price, so as to maximize our customers' benefits.

Leading Custom Centrifugal Fan & AC Fan Motor Suppliers

Tingertech, ac fan motor suppliers, not only provides the standard centrifugal fan / furnace blower and fan motor with different sizes and options, but also be able to custom centrifugal fan types/ furnace fan types and fan motors, to meet clients' needs of ac fan motor replacement, condenser fan motor replacement, hvac fan motor replacement. We provide ventilation solution for various applications.

One-stop Centrifugal Fan & AC Fan Motor Service

One-stop service is provided for furnace blower & fan AC motors brand owners, suppliers, wholesalers, distributors, shop owners, online shop owners and HVAC contractors who charge of HVAC & Refrigeration replacement parts, Heating & Air Conditioning parts, HVAC Repair Parts & Maintenance. Our only goal is to supply the most suitable and reliable centrifugal fan & ac fan motor at the most favorable price with worry-free service.

Can't Find Ideal Centrifugal Fan Manufacturers & AC Fan Motor Factory?

Tingertech provides custom solutions to all customers and offer free centrifugal fan and ac fan motor samples that you can take advantage of, contact your professional fan motor manufacturer & centrifugal fan suppliers.

Wide Custom Options 

for Your Low Pressure Centrifugal Fan

TGZ Series

Models of TGZ Series AC / EC forward curved centrifugal fan / furnace fan / furnace blower with various power: 

● 7-5, 7-7, 8-8, 8-9, 9-4, 9-7, 9-9, 10-8, 10-10, 12-9, 12-12...

TGB Series

Models of TGB Series forward curved centrifugal fan with various power:

● model 450 in 5.5kw, 6kw, 7.5kw; 

● model 500 in 3kw, 4kw

TGP Series

Models of TGP Series forward curved centrifugal fan:
● 145*160, 145*190, 150*150, 150*200, 150*240, 160*160, 160*170, 160*200, 180*170, 180*200, 200*190, 225*200, 225*250, 250*190, 250*250.

Wide Custom Options for Your AC Fan Motor

Fan Motor Model

Tingertech, fan motor manufacturers mainly produces asynchronous ac fan motor for ac unit of single shaft or double shaft, models of our fan motor normally are named as:
● YD(S)K-139(Size)-150(Power)-4(Pole).

Fan Motor Size

There are various motor sizes available in Tingertech, ac fan motor factory & fan motor manufacturer. Main ac fan motor sizes include diameter of
● 80mm,95mm,110mm,120mm,139mm or called 140mm,160mm...

Fan Motor Power

In a motor, the mechanical power is defined as the speed times the torque. Motor power is typically defined as kilowatts (kW) or horsepower (hp) with one watt equaling one joule per second or one Newton-Meter per second. Power of our motor ranges from 5w to 1100w.

Fan Motor Pole & Speed

The speed of a motor can be determined by the number of poles of the motor and the frequency of the electrical service. In Tingertech,  cooler motor manufacturers & fan motor supplier, Pole ranges of our ac fan motors are mostly 4 poles,6 poles, 8 poles, 10 poles and 12 poles.

Motor Temperature Rise

Motor temperature rise affects the operating time limit and motor life.Our AC motors will not burn out if the motor case temperature is below 90℃.
Normally a automatic reset type thermal protector is offered with our fan motors, It automatically turns on / off the contact depending on the temperature.

Fan Motor Application

Our fan motor is widely used in various fields, like condenser, air conditioner,air cooler, fan coil unit, heat pump, purifier, dehumidifier, hand dryer, disinfection cabinet.... Tingertech is also known as ac condenser fan motor factory, fan motor factory, contact and get fan motor cost.

Fan Motor Replacement / OEM for Brands

Amana Fan Motor
Century Fan Motor
A.O. Smith Fan Motor
Emerson Fan Motor
FASCO Fan Motor
GENTEQ Fan Motor
KULTHORN Electric Fan Motor
MARS Fan Motor
NIDEC Fan Motor
ROTOM Fan Motor
RHEEM Fan Motor
SOURCE 1 Fan Motor
TGM Fan Motor
WAGNER Fan Motor
Gree Fan Motor
Midea Fan Motor
Haier Fan Motor
LG Fan Motor

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Centrifugal Blower Fan & AC Fan Motor!

As a professional (window) air conditioner fan motor manufacturer from china and Centrifugal Fan manufacturer, Tingertech owns 3 factories, Changzhou Tinger Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd for centrifugal fan , Changzhou Changpeng Motor Co., Ltd for fan motor, stator and rotator factory for motor. Also Tingertech helps customers source HVAC/R parts. With 15+ years of manufacturing and sourcing experience, there are 100+ employees in Tingertech factory and head office. We supply the full support for producing and sourcing, including: a. producing Centrifugal Fan, Condenser Fan Motor, Cooler Motor, Air Conditioner Fan Motor,Furnace Fan Motor, Furnace Blower Motor,  Fan & Blower Motor, Heat Pump Fan Motor, Universal Fan Motor, Indoor Fan Motor, Outdoor Fan Motor, Fan Coil Motor, BLDC Fan Motor, EC Fan Motor and Stepper Motor; b. sourcing HVAC/R parts, like Refrigeration Tool, air conditioning parts, ventilation parts, refrigerator and refrigerant parts.
Welcome To Visit Our Fan Motor Manufacturers & centrifugal fan manufacturers
Competitive Quality, 
Reasonable AC Fan Motor Cost.

Why Tingertech Is Trusted By 1,000+ Global Importers?

For over 15 years, Tingertech, centrifugal fan manufactueres & fan motor manufacturers, has earned a reputation as an industry leader of centrifugal fan and fan motor. Tingertech centrifugal fan and fan motor are used in the residential and commercial HVAC industries, providing unmatched performance. If an application requires high efficiency, variable speed, and low noise, a tingertech fan motor could be the right solution for your air conditioning, heating, heat pumps, or air handling units. From condenser fan motor to cooler fan motor, air conditioner fan motor and universal fan motor, we have the full line of residential & commercial centrifugal fan and motor available here. Contact centrifugal fan factory & air conditioner fan motor manufacturer, Tingertech.

Save Money

We provide you reasonable price and stable quality centrifugal fan and motor, so you can save your money for the more important things in your life.
We take 100% inspection of all our centrifugal fan or motor before delivery, provide you a secure purchasing experience to protect your market.

Customer Satisfaction

Our dedicated staffs work hard to ensure that all centrifugal fan or motor orders are quality confirmed, all sourcing services are handled quickly and efficiently to ensure that you get what you need as quickly as possible.​​​​​​​


Centrifugal fan
china odm oem ec centrifugal fan blower manufacturers factories suppliers.png
Centrifugal fan
centrifugal fan centrifugal blower.jpg
Tingertech Centrifugal Fan-TGB Series

Anywhere air needs to be moved, Tingertech is in their element. Fulfilling the individual requirements of the customer is particularly important to us. In this way, we offer the very best solutions for all areas of application, always under the highest quality standards. The proven single and double

Centrifugal fan
Yilida Fan Forward Curved Multi--blades Centrifugal Fan high efficiency low noise Fan for air -condition Heating and ventilation.jpg
Tingertech Centrifugal Fan / Inch Blower -TGP Series

The TGP series centrifugal fan air-conditioning fan, used for fan coil only, is the forward multi-vane centrifugal metallic fan developed and manufactured first by our company. The fan Wheels are made of high quality of hot galvanizing steel sheet by using stamping technology with the advantages of

Centrifugal fan
centrifugal fan blowers.jpg
Tingertech Centrifugal Fan-TGZ Series

Our forward curved centrifugal fan, AC / EC TGZ series, also known as low pressure centrifugal fan, inch blower or housing fan, is developed and manufactured with internationally advanced. It was developed by using high technology and with low noise and compact structure, which was specially designe

Centrifugal fan
centrifugal fan centrifugal blower -
Centrifugal Fan vs. Axial Fan – What’s the Difference?

What is a centrifugal fan?Centrifugal fans are also sometimes called radial fans or centrifugal blowers. They have a motor-driven hub that contains impellers that discharge air into the fan housing, which then directs it to the outlet. The centrifugal fan exhausts air at a 90-degree angle (vertical)

Fan Motor
fan motor manufacturers fan motor suppliers.png
Top Fan Motor Manufacturers in China 2021

Top Fan Motor Manufacturers in China 2021In recent years, products like air conditioner, air cooler, evaporator cooler, that require fan motors and their applications are diversifying, including "cooling," "blast," and "exhaust & ventilation." Responding to such rapidly changing needs, Tingertech se

Fan Motor
Air conditioner fan motor

Tingertech can offer you with all types of air conditioner fan motor and other universal fan motor, blower motor for centrifugal fan, furnace motor and other fan motor . If you have questions about your AC fan motor or suspect to be our agent locally, please contact us​ today!

Furnace Motor 1342.jpg
How To Replace a Condenser Fan Motor on an HVAC Heat Pump or Air Conditioner?

1. Is it a constant speed application? In constant speed applications, the motor typically runs at an approximate speed with little or no concern for acceleration and deceleration ramps. This type of application typically runs with cross-wire on/off control. Control circuits typically consist of bra

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