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Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Solutions

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We provide ultrasonic flaw detection solutions for non-destructive testing in the aviation, aerospace, power, metallurgy, railway, automobile and other industries, as well as secondary development research in colleges and universities and other scientific research institutions. The ultrasonic flaw detection solutions involve castings, forgings, extrusions, welds, including tubes, rods, profiles, plates and other special-shaped workpieces; the materials that can be detected are steel, aluminum, titanium, copper and its alloys and other metal materials. Our time-tested detection technology and solutions can be adapted to specific requirements and can meet the most challenging production and safety needs.

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Automated water immersion flaw detection system for tubes and bars

Equipment features: local water immersion flaw detection completes longitudinal, transverse and thickness detection in one time; high speed, high efficiency, high precision, stable and reliable system; system automatic tracking function; easy operation and maintenance; direct feeding and spiral feeding of workpieces, the system technical indicators have reached the international advanced level, and can meet the needs and requirements of high-end customers.
Equipment application: automated flaw detection of thin-walled tubes, small-size bars, etc. in industries such as aerospace, automobile, electric power, metallurgy, steel and new materials.
Equipment performance
Detection range: Φ5mm~Φ40mm, Φ40mm~Φ80mm
Detection speed: 1m~15m/min
Rotation head speed: 3000r/min~3600r/min (capacitive coupling)
Detection method: longitudinal + transverse

Round bar automatic water immersion flaw detection system

Equipment features: highly intelligent automated ultrasonic testing, free switching of three control modes, multiple couplings and relative movement between the probe and the workpiece, independent flaw detection of long and short bars of different specifications, accurate display of defects in the length and depth of the workpiece, stable and reliable system, high efficiency, fast beat, finished bars are divided into qualified and unqualified areas.
Equipment application: widely used in ultrasonic testing of round bar products in the metallurgical industry, especially in the non-ferrous metal industry.
Equipment performance
Detection range: Φ120mm~Φ410mm; Φ90mm~Φ180mm
L:4000-7200mm; Φ100mm~Φ410mm
L:4000-7200mm/800-1200mm, Φ300mm~Φ800mm
L:4200~7200mm; (customizable)
Detection time: 1~6min (long and short rods have different speeds)
False alarm rate: 3%
False alarm rate: 0%
Blind area of end: ≤100mm (casting end); ≤50mm (sawing end)
Detection channel: 8-32CH (customizable)
End zone: ≤100mm (casting end); ≤50mm (sawing end)
Detection channel: 8-32CH (customizable)

Automatic water immersion flaw detection system for plates

Equipment features: Full immersion coupling, powerful system functions, flexible configuration of detection channels, all-round detection output A/B/C scan images and detection records, real-time processing and evaluation of detection results. The equipment is safe, practical, easy to operate and maintain.
Equipment application: Automated flaw detection of aluminum plates, steel plates, etc. in industries such as aerospace, rail transit, automobiles, electricity, metallurgy, steel and new materials.
Equipment performance
Flaw detection process: conventional A-scan, C-Scan, PA-Scan
Detection channel: Flexible configuration according to different methods and needs
Scope of application: various plates that meet T: 6mm~ 400mm, length and width can be customized according to customer needs
Scanning bridge: single (configurable double bridge)
System degree of freedom: 5 axes
Coupling mode: full immersion
Missing rate: 0%

Automatic water immersion flaw detection system for forgings

Equipment features: The equipment can realize multi-axis water immersion automatic flaw detection for die forgings such as rings, discs, and cakes, and has functions such as water layer testing, bottom wave monitoring, defect evaluation, curve making and imaging display. It has the characteristics of fast detection speed, high accuracy and multiple functions.
Equipment performance
Operation speed: X-axis, Y-axis: 0~500mm/s; Z-axis: 0~300mm/s; A/B axis adjustment range 0~80 degrees, step 0.5 degrees, motion axis: 3, 5 axes optional
Detection range: 100% of the surface
Detection accuracy: AA level
Detection area: ≤5mm, ≤3mm
Scanning range: full coverage scanning
Number of channels: optional (more than 2)

Ultrasonic testing system for parts and composites

Equipment features: 5-axis motion control system combined with complex surface profiling technology can realize high-precision scanning of various complex forging, casting and other workpieces, and the scanning results are intuitive.
Equipment application: Automated flaw detection of forgings, castings, automotive parts, etc. in industries such as aerospace, rail transportation, automobiles, electricity, metallurgy, steel and new materials.
Equipment performance
Scope of application: Various forgings and castings with a diameter of 600mm and a thickness of <300mm
Detection accuracy: Grooves or flat-bottom holes can be cut according to industry standards
Effective stroke: 1200mmx800mmx450mm
Positioning accuracy: 0.02mm
End blind area: ≤100mm (casting end face); ≤50mm (sawing end face)
Detection channel: 8-32CH (customizable as needed)

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Flaw Detector Solution Main Parts

Multi-channel digital ultrasonic flaw detector
Eddy Current Flaw Detector
Industrial Endoscope
PA phased array ultrasonic flaw detector
Magnetic particle flaw detector

Flaw Detector Solution Cases

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