Fan Coil Motor


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Coil Fan Motor

FCU motor ( Fan coil motor ) is a kind of PSC (permanent split capacitor) style motor which with a running / starting capacitor to get the coil fan motor started and continue to run. Our motor fan coil (room air conditioner motor) is generally a class B insulated fan coil motor with sealed for life ball bearings which enable operation at temperatures of -30 to +50 ℃.
The coil fan motor body can be ventilated, totally enclosed or extruded shell depending on your application and mounting arrangement. Mostly the coil fan motor is mounted in a U shaped resilient cradle which sits onto a galvanized metal tray (fan deck). This mounting arrangement makes for quick fan coil motors removal and fan coil motor replacement as the old fan coil unit motor can simply be lifted out and a fan coil unit motor replacement ‘dropped’ into its place.

Fan Coil Motor Products