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Tingertech Centrifugal Fan-TGB Series

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Anywhere air needs to be moved, Tingertech is in their element. Fulfilling the individual requirements of the customer is particularly important to us. In this way, we offer the very best solutions for all areas of application, always under the highest quality standards. The proven single and double inlet centrifugal fans from our TGB series with AC technology in a compact housing are perfectly suited for a wide range of applications, for example, in clean rooms or for controlled residential ventilation, providing reliability and efficiency. Thanks to their high number of blades, they achieve a high-performance density with low noise emissions.

Specification for Centrifugal Fan

Single-ended/double-ended extracting centrifugal fans in the compact housing with forwards-curved blades. Available in dimensions of 200 to 500 mm. This allows for volume flow rates of up to approx. 10,000 m⊃3;/h and static pressures of up to 850 Pa.

1. Rotation Direction

TGB series fans have two direction of rotations, left-hand  rotation (LG) and right-hand rotation (RD); Viewing from drive  side, if the Wheel rotates clockwise, it is left hand (LG) rotation.  If the Wheel rotates counter clockwise, it is right-hand (RD).

Rotation Direction of Housing Fan

2. Discharge Direction

According to Fig below, TGB Series fans can be made in four  air-outlet directions:0°, 90°, 180°, and 270°.

Discharge Direction of Industrial Air Extractor

Properties & special features

Housing fans in the TGB series are characterized by their compact housing design and high output density. The high number of blades allow the fans to have very comfortable noise levels without disruptive rotation sounds. Optimum motor cooling and compact design due to voltage variable external rotor motor in the impeller. Housing also available with discharge flange and fastening brackets.

Construction of Centrifuge Blower

TGB series centrifugal fan consists of housing, Wheel, baseplate(frame),  motor, shaft sleeve and air outlet flange.

1. Centrifugal Fan Housing

The housing of centrifugal fan is made of hot galvanized steel sheet. The side  plates include inlets cones that are designed with the best  aerodynamics for inlet condition. The scroll is fixed to the side  plates by spot welding. On the side of the scroll, there is a  series of holes drilled in advance for riveting nuts to carry out  installation according to air outlet direction needed by the  customer.

2.Centrifugal Fan Wheel

Forward curved centrifugal fan impeller is constructed of high-grade hot  galvanized steel sheet with the advanced aerodynamics profile  to achieve the highest efficiency and the lowest noise level. The  Wheel is fixed on the center plate and on the end ring with  riveting grip pres. The Wheel of centrifugal fan is constructed with maximum  strength that endures the continuous operation with maximum  power. All Wheels are balanced to the National Standard. Tingertech's internal standard is G2.5 or higher  for wheel balancing.

3.Centrifugal Fan Frame

TGB Series fan baseplate is made of high quality hot  galvanizing steel sheet, and the unique process of  strengthening ensures the sufficient strength. The direction of  baseplate installation can be carried out according to the different requirements of customers, Over TGB centrifugal fan frame is  made of angle steel and flat steel. On four sides of the frame,  there are holes drilled for installation to meet customers'  requirements in different installation directions.

4.Centrifugal Fan Motor

The motor used in TGB series centrifugal fans are low noise three phases  asynchronous motors with external rotors. The Wheel is  installed on the external casing of the motor. The motor rotation  speed can be changed by using provided with three-phase  voltage regular; silicon controlled. Voltage regulator, frequency  converter and etc. to satisfy the changeable load in the system.

5.Centrifugal Fan Flange

The flange of cenrifugal fan is made of galvanized steel. The connections of the  flange components to the scroll are made using a TOX non-welding process. This maintains a good flange appearance while also providing sufficient strength and rigidity.  The dimensions and type of flange are shown as following.

flange of centrifugal fan

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