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Tingertech, leading china ac motor manufacturer & fan motor supplier,  has been in the china fan motor manufacturing industry for years, and has adapted modern fan motor manufacturing equipment and processes to keep production efficient and competitive. Improvements and renovations made to production of fan motor, like the change to energy-saving and environment-friendly enameled wire dipping equipment, comply with environment and workplace safety standards. Tingertech fan motor manufacturers has also added more value to the fan motor output and quality assurance.

We provide high-quality a c fan motor to help improve your brand be the best in the industry. Our ac fan motors are carefully developed and made using only the finest material (silicon steel sheet for stator and rotor, brand thermal protector, temperature rise ≤75k) and the best motor manufacturing processes. They then undergo intensive quality assurance testing assuring that you get the best for your fan motor replacement or matching. Contact Tingertech, china ac motor manufacturer & fan motor supplier, who focuses more on quality!

Motor Manufacturing Processes - AC Fan Motor

The experience and expertise enables us to provide professional solutions for fan motor. (Here shows main motor manufacturing processes!)
stator core and rotor core for ac fan motor


Stator core and rotor core for fan motor from Tingertech fan motor manufacturers, are built up of thin punched laminations of Silicon Steel, its stator laminations and rotor laminations are made by high speed punch machine which is invested by our own, and this plays a vital role in quality of ac fan motor. Over 10 Million press strokes per day allows output of over 100 Tons finished stator / rotor core laminations each day.
coil winding for ac fan motor


Professional in the fan motor technology, team of Tingertech, china ac motor manufacturer, has extensive experience working with both copper and aluminium wire in various forms to provide coil winding solutions. Our broad customer base demands that we cannot only supply our standard range of fan motor but also have the capability to provide custom solutions to solve challenges others can't. Contact fan motor supplier!
stator assembly for fan motor


We have specialized in the fan motor technology, stator assembling can be solved by professonal assembly technique from Tingertech fan motor manufacturers. It meets the requirements of series production in ac fan motor, condenser fan motor, evaporator fan motor and other fan motor for ac unit. We develop and examine the entire process chain - from slot insulation to impregnating the stator and test. Contact china ac motor manufacturer for your worry-free service now!
rotor assembly for fan motor


Rotor assembly is critical to fan motor in a variety of industries and applications, like condenser, air conditioner, evaporator etc. Tingertech, china ac motor manufacturer, provides high quality silicon steel material to create professional and high quality rotor assembly for all electric fan motors. A rotor assembly of ac fan motor normally includes a cylindrically shaped shaft, a processed rotor iron core and a bearing.
shaft for fan motor


Motor shaft is the main component in electric fan motor. A shaft is a mechanical section for rotating and converting torque. The size of the shaft significantly affects the torque in fan motor. In addition to the need to mount the rotor and a variety of attachments, like bearing, the model of the motor shaft is based on the cooling concept selection of the electric device. As professional fan motor manufacturers & fan motor supplier, Tingertech only provides you high quality fan motor parts and china fan motor & china  ec fan motor!
ac fan motor factory ac fan motor manufacturers ac fan motor suppliers
Motor assembly includes assembling stator assembly, rotor assembly and end cover assembly with front cover. Fan motor testing in china ac motor manufacturer, Tingertech, covers the whole areas from stator insulation test, electronic integrated test bench for winding inserting, motor integrated test bench, motor performance test, noise test and appearance detection through to dynamometer for high performance electric motor testing, by which fan motor supplier, Tingertech, can ensure to offer you fan motor of competitive higher quality at reasonable ac fan motor price.

Circuit Principle of AC Fan Motors

The ac China fan motor from Tingertech fan motor manufacturers, is a kind of capacitor running single phase asynchronous motor, or called capacitor run single-phase induction motors. This capacitor run single phase asynchronous motor (CS motors) is an electric motor that is operated using single-phase current.
The rotor winding is of is a squirrel-cage type and the stator winding comprises a main and an auxiliary winding. The auxiliary winding is used to generate a rotary field component in the air gap of the machine so that the machine can self-start. The diagram of a capacitor-start capacitor run induction fan motor is shown. Contat your china ac motor manufacturer & fan motor supplier for more ac fan motor details.

How To Match an HVAC Fan Motor?

How to Replace replace Condenser Fan Motor? How to Cross Reference an OEM Motor? How to choosing the Right Electric Fan Motor? How To Match an HVAC Fan Motor? How to fix a fan motor? How to reverse a fan motor? There are several characteristics that you need pay attention to when selecting a HVAC fan motor but motor size, voltage, current, power and velocity (RPM) are most important. The motor nameplate is the key for finding an china fan motor replacement as it lists the model number, electrical specs of the fan motor and fan motor wiring diagram. You need pay more attention to 3 speed fan motor wiring diagram, especially condenser fan motor wiring due to the complicated wiring. Model number can be used to find an OEM fan motor or a cross reference to replace fan motor. Contact fan motor manufacturers & fan motor supplier for fan motor replacement and worry free service.

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Tingertech, china ac motor manufacturer will serve you with relevant information to make your build-to-order purchase of china fan motor a low-stress experience. We provide personal service from your first inquiry through order delivery. Our ac fan motor includes condenser fan motor, evaporative fan motor, air conditioner fan motor, ceiling fan motor / fan coil motor, universal condenser fan motor, heat pump fan motor, EC fan motor and other electric fan motor for ac unit. Our team of experts is ready to answer all your questions.Whether you have a question about ac fan motor cost, 3 speed fan motor wiring diagram, 2 speed fan motor wiring diagram, or are looking for advice for your project, contact fan motor manufacturers & fan motor supplier for help!

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Tingertech has more than 15+ years of forward curved centrifugal fan / furnace blower manufacturing experience, professional research and development capabilities and rich production experience, ensuring that our customers can get the most reliable centrifugal fan / furnace fan and fan motor at the most favorable price, so as to maximize our customers' benefits.

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Tingertech not only provides the standard centrifugal fan / furnace blower and fan motor with different sizes and options, but also be able to custom centrifugal fan types/ furnace fan types and fan motors, to meet clients' needs of ac fan motor replacement, condenser fan motor replacement, hvac fan motor replacement. We provide ventilation solution for various applications.

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One-stop service is provided for furnace blower & fan AC motors brand owners, suppliers, wholesalers, distributors, shop owners, online shop owners and HVAC contractors who charge of HVAC & Refrigeration replacement parts, Heating & Air Conditioning parts, HVAC Repair Parts & Maintenance. Our only goal is to supply the most suitable and reliable centrifugal fan & ac fan motor at the most favorable price, with the worry-free after-sale service for you.

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