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Tingertech, leading china ac motor manufacturer & fan motor supplier,  has been in the china fan motor manufacturing industry for years, and has adapted modern fan motor manufacturing equipment and processes to keep production efficient and competitive. Improvements and renovations made to production of fan motor, like the change to energy-saving and environment-friendly enameled wire dipping equipment, comply with environment and workplace safety standards. Tingertech fan motor manufacturers has also added more value to the fan motor output and quality assurance.

We provide high-quality a c fan motor to help improve your brand be the best in the industry. Our ac fan motors are carefully developed and made using only the finest material (silicon steel sheet for stator and rotor, brand thermal protector, temperature rise ≤75k) and the best motor manufacturing processes. They then undergo intensive quality assurance testing assuring that you get the best for your fan motor replacement or matching. Contact Tingertech,  china ac motor manufacturer & fan motor supplier, who focuses more on quality!

How To Match an HVAC Fan Motor?

How to Replace replace Condenser Fan Motor? How to Cross Reference an OEM Motor? How to choosing the Right Electric Fan Motor? How To Match an HVAC Fan Motor? How to fix a fan motor? How to reverse a fan motor? 
There are several characteristics that you need pay attention to when selecting a HVAC fan motor but motor size, voltage, current, power and velocity (RPM) are most important. The motor nameplate is the key for finding an china fan motor replacement as it lists the model number, electrical specs of the fan motor and fan motor wiring diagram. You need pay more attention to 3 speed fan motor wiring diagram, especially condenser fan motor wiring due to the complicated wiring. Model number can be used to find an OEM fan motor or a cross reference to replace fan motor. Contact  fan motor manufacturers & suppliers for fan motor replacement and worry free service.

Motor Manufacturing Processes - AC Fan Motor

The experience and expertise enables us to provide professional solutions for fan motor. (Here shows main motor manufacturing processes!)

stator core and rotor core for ac fan motor


Stator core and rotor core for fan motor from Tingertech fan motor manufacturers, are built up of thin punched laminations of Silicon Steel, its stator laminations and rotor laminations are made by high speed punch machine which is invested by our own, and this plays a vital role in quality of ac fan motor. Over 10 Million press strokes per day allows output of over 100 Tons finished stator / rotor core laminations each day.
coil winding for ac fan motor


Professional in the fan motor technology, team of Tingertech, china ac motor manufacturer, has extensive experience working with both copper and aluminium wire in various forms to provide coil winding solutions. Our broad customer base demands that we cannot only supply our standard range of fan motor but also have the capability to provide custom solutions to solve challenges others can't. Contact fan motor supplier!
stator assembly for fan motor


We have specialized in the fan motor technology, stator assembling can be solved by professonal assembly technique from Tingertech fan motor manufacturers. It meets the requirements of series production in ac fan motor, condenser fan motor, evaporator fan motor and other fan motor for ac unit. We develop and examine the entire process chain - from slot insulation to impregnating the stator and test. Contact china ac motor manufacturer for your worry-free service now!
rotor assembly for fan motor


Rotor assembly is critical to fan motor in a variety of industries and applications, like condenser, air conditioner, evaporator etc. Tingertech,  china ac motor manufacturer, provides high quality silicon steel material to create professional and high quality rotor assembly for all electric fan motors. A rotor assembly of ac fan motor normally includes a cylindrically shaped shaft, a processed rotor iron core and a bearing.
shaft for fan motor


Motor shaft is the main component in electric fan motor. A shaft is a mechanical section for rotating and converting torque. The size of the shaft significantly affects the torque in fan motor. In addition to the need to mount the rotor and a variety of attachments, like bearing, the model of the motor shaft is based on the cooling concept selection of the electric device. As professional fan motor manufacturersfan motor supplier, Tingertech only provides you high quality fan motor parts and china fan motor & china  ec fan motor!
ac fan motor factory ac fan motor manufacturers ac fan motor suppliers
Motor assembly includes assembling stator assembly, rotor assembly and end cover assembly with front cover. Fan motor testing in china ac motor manufacturer, Tingertech, covers the whole areas from stator insulation test, electronic integrated test bench for winding inserting, motor integrated test bench, motor performance test, noise test and appearance detection through to dynamometer for high performance electric motor testing, by which fan motor supplier, Tingertech, can ensure to offer you fan motor of competitive higher quality at reasonable ac fan motor price.

Circuit Principle of AC Fan Motors

The ac China fan motor from Tingertech fan motor manufacturers, is a kind of capacitor running single phase asynchronous motor, or called capacitor run single-phase induction motors. This capacitor run single phase asynchronous motor (CS motors) is an electric motor that is operated using single-phase current.
The rotor winding is of is a squirrel-cage type and the stator winding comprises a main and an auxiliary winding. The auxiliary winding is used to generate a rotary field component in the air gap of the machine so that the machine can self-start. The diagram of a capacitor-start capacitor run induction fan motor is shown. Contat your china ac motor manufacturer & fan motor supplier for more ac fan motor details.

AC Fan Motors Catalog

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Tingertech, china ac motor manufacturer will serve you with relevant information to make your build-to-order purchase of china fan motor a low-stress experience. We provide personal service from your first inquiry through order delivery. Our ac fan motor includes condenser fan motor, evaporative fan motor, air conditioner fan motor, ceiling fan motor / fan coil motor, universal condenser fan motor, heat pump fan motor, EC fan motor and other electric fan motor for ac unit. Our team of experts is ready to answer all your questions.Whether you have a question about ac fan motor cost, 3 speed fan motor wiring diagram, 2 speed fan motor wiring diagram, or are looking for advice for your project, contact fan motor manufacturers &suppliers for help!

Fan Motor FAQ


  • Common Problems with HVAC Fan Motors

    Like any mechanical component, HVAC fan motors can develop problems over time. Here are some common problems with HVAC fan motors:
    Motor Overheating:

    If the fan motor runs continuously without proper airflow, it can overheat and shut down. Motor overheating can be caused by dirty filters, clogged ducts, or a faulty motor capacitor.
    Motor Noise:

    If the fan motor produces unusual noises, such as squealing, grinding, or buzzing, it could be a sign of worn-out bearings, loose components, or motor failure.
    Motor Failure:

    If the fan motor fails to start or stop, it could be due to a faulty motor capacitor, loose wiring, or motor burnout.
    Motor Vibration:

    If the fan motor vibrates excessively, it could be due to imbalanced fan blades, loose motor mounts, or worn-out bearings.
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  • How can I maintain my fan motor?

    Regular maintenance is key to ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your fan motor. Some key maintenance tasks include keeping the motor and fan blades clean, checking for proper lubrication of bearings, and inspecting the motor for any signs of wear or damage. It is also important to regularly check and replace any worn or damaged parts. If you have any question of fan motor, Please feel free to contact with fan motor manfuacturer, CPMDJ.
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  • What are the common problems with fan motors?

    Like any mechanical component, fan motors can experience a range of issues over time. Some common problems include worn bearings, a damaged rotor or stator, or a burnt-out winding. In addition, dirt and debris can accumulate on the fan blades or within the fan motor, which can cause imbalance and strain on the fan motor. Contact your fan motor supplier, CPMDJ, for any problems of fan motors.
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  • How does a fan motor work?

    Fan motor, from CPMDJ, works by converting electrical energy into mechanical energy, which is used to rotate the fan blades. When an electrical current is applied to the windings in the stator, it creates a magnetic field that interacts with the magnetic field of the rotor. This interaction causes the rotor to rotate, which in turn causes the fan blades to rotate and move air.
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  • What are the signs of a failing fan motor?

    Several signs indicate that a fan motor may be failing or malfunctioning, including unusual noise or vibration, reduced airflow, overheating, and burning smells. If the fan motor is producing a high-pitched whining or grinding noise, it may indicate a problem with the bearings or the fan blade. Reduced airflow could also indicate a problem with the motor's speed or the fan blade's alignment. Overheating or burning smells could be a sign of electrical failure or motor overheating, which may cause the motor to shut down or become permanently damaged.
  • How do you choose a fan motor?

    Choosing the right fan motor depends on several factors, including the application, the environment, the required airflow, and the budget. When selecting a fan motor, you should consider the motor's voltage, horsepower, speed, and efficiency rating. You should also ensure that the motor is compatible with the fan blade and that it meets the required safety and regulatory standards. Additionally, you should evaluate the manufacturer's reputation, warranty, and customer service to ensure that you receive a reliable and high-quality fan motor. We are one of the best fan motor manufacturers you can consider, contact your fan motor expert now!
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  • What are the different types of fan motors?

    There are several different types of fan motors, each with their own unique features and benefits. Some common types of fan motors include shaded pole motors, permanent split capacitor (PSC) motors, and three-phase induction motors. Shaded pole motors are simple and inexpensive, but are not very efficient. PSC motors are more efficient and have higher starting torque, while three-phase induction motors are used in high-power applications and are the most efficient. Fan motors from CPMDJ, are PSC motors, also know as HVAC fan motors or AC fan motor.
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  • What is a fan motor?

    A fan motor is an electric motor that powers a fan or blower to circulate air or gas in various applications. It is typically used in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems, refrigeration units, and industrial equipment to regulate the temperature and improve indoor air quality. The fan motor consists of several components, including the stator, rotor, shaft, bearings, and housing. The stator is the stationary part of the fan motor, and the rotor is the rotating part. The shaft connects the rotor to the fan blade, while the bearings support the shaft and reduce friction. The housing provides a protective cover for the motor and ensures efficient airflow. We, Tingertech, have many sets of high speed punch machines for stator and rotor making, which help control the quality and delivery. Enable GingerCannot connect to Ginger Check your internet connection
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    Our replacement motors are engineered to be stronger and more reliable than your standard OEM motors. Choosing the correct Service Factor (SF) and Full Load Current (FL) rating for your fan motor will help you save money by reducing failure rates and extending life.
  • HVAC Motor Types - What Does It Mean?

    There are primarily two types of motors for HVAC systems: EC Motors and PSC Motors, ( electronically commutated motors and permanent magnet split capacitor motors).


    An electronically commutated (EC) motor runs on AC power, although it may be more similar to a DC motor. This allows EC motors to combine AC and DC characteristics. PSC motors are used in home heating/cooling systems. The PSC motor has alternating induction, and the main components of the PSC motor are: capacitor; ball bearing; rotor; stator. PSC motors are known for their simplicity, reliability and low cost.

    There are 5 different types of air conditioning motors: Condenser fan motor; Blower motor; ECM motor; Combustion fan motors; Compressor motors. Air conditioner motor is also known as condenser fan motor, including Air Conditioner Outdoor Condenser Fan Motor and Air Conditioner Indoor Fan Motor.

  • How to Keep Your AC Fan Motor Running Smoothly

    How to Keep Your Fan Motor Running Smoothly: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Upgrade your thermostat
    Remove dirt from around the air conditioning unit
    Check the vents regularly
    replace air filter
    Clean the condenser coil
  • Average AC Fan Motor Cost

    Replacing an AC fan motor cost range from $300 to $600. It's critical to replace it as soon as possible, because if the AC fan motor fails, your A/C compressor is likely to be the next part to break. The average cost of replacing a compressor is much higher at $2,000.
  • How to Find Out Your AC Fan Motor Has a Problem?

    The AC fan motor is a fairly simple but vital component in an air conditioner unit. Air passing through the system is drawn from the fan motor to keep your home cool. Fan motors work hard and are therefore prone to wear and tear.

    Here are some signs of a failed fan motor in an AC unit:

    The Fan Fails to Start When the AC is On
    The Fan does not Stop When the AC is Switched Off
    The Fan is Operational but Runs Slowly
    Intermittently Operating Fan
    Condenser Makes Noise When the Fan is On
  • How Much Does It Cost to Replace an Fan Motor?

    One of the most common AC problems is a damaged fan motor because they have been working and exposed to outside weather. If you've determined that the condenser fan motor is the problem, you'll most likely be more willing to learn about repair service and the cost of the AC fan motor.
    There are many different AC fan motor parts for air conditioners. It can be difficult to know what needs to be replaced and how much it will cost to repair the equipment. Some AC parts are as low as $50, while others can be over $2000.

  • How to Avoid Air Conditioning Breakdown

    The surest way to prevent fan motor damage or any other type of air conditioner failure is to perform routine maintenance. During a maintenance appointment, certified professionals will inspect and adjust all components to ensure your equipment is operating efficiently. While air conditioning service requires a small upfront cost, it will inevitably save you expensive repairs while also extending the life of your system. Plus, it gives you peace of mind in the comfort of your home during hot summer weather.

  • Replacing an AC Fan Motor — How Much Will It Cost?

    With temperatures already soaring above 100°F, your air conditioner needs to work flawlessly to keep you cool and comfortable. Unfortunately, many homeowners experience air conditioner failures that lead to air conditioner repairs and replacements. One of the most common problems is a damaged AC fan motor.

  • How Long Does A Home AC Compressor Fan Motor Last?

    More likely a 10 to 20 year lifespan, which means that when an AC motor fails, it's usually time to consider replacing the entire system. One reason they last so long is that they are designed and built to withstand extreme heat of up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Factory FAQ


  • Centrifual Fan Manufacturer / AC Fan Motor Manufacturer or trading company?

    We are  Self-owned Factory who founded in 2007. Tingertech owns 3 factories, centrifugal fan manufacturer, fan motor manufacturer for centrifugal fan and other HVAC systems, stator and rotator manufacturer forour electric fan motor. Also Tingertech helps customers source HVAC/R parts. With 15+ years of manufacturing and sourcing experience, there are 100+ employees in Tingertech factory and head office. Owning 10k+ ㎡ factory area,10+ senior engineer to offer solutions for centrifugal blower and HVAC fan motors and  15+ QC to confirm quality of forward curved centrifugal fans. We are the leading manufacturer for centrifugal fan and fan motors with OEM services to customers all over the world.​​​​
  • What are your main products?

    As a professional Fan Motor suppliers and Centrifugal Fan suppliers, Tingertech and CPMDJ supplies the full support for producing and sourcing, including: a. producing Centrifugal Fan / Centrifugal blower, Condenser Fan Motors,Evaperative Cooler Motors, Air Conditioner Fan Motors, Fan & Blower Motors, Heat Pump Fan Motors, Universal Fan Motors, Indoor Fan Motors, Outdoor Fan Motors, Fan Coil Motors, Indoor Fan Motors, Outdoor Fan Motors, Heat Pump Fan Motors, BLDC Fan Motors, EC Fan Motors,Stepper Motors and other HVAC motors; b. sourcing HVAC parts, like Refrigeration Tool, air conditioning parts, ventilation parts, refrigerator and refrigerant parts...
  • How about your delivery time for Centrifual Fan / AC Fan Motor?

    Generally, it will take 10-15 working days to finish a 1x20GP container and 15-25 working days to finish a 1x40HQ container centrifugal blower or ac fan motor. If the quantity is more than 2 containers, about 20-35 0days, for more quantity of centrifugal fan or ac fan motors, we could discuss delivery solution and give you a better delivery schedule. 
  • How do we control quality for Centrifual Fan Blower / AC Fan Motors?

    We have rich experience in Quantity control and improvement for Centrifual Blower Fan / AC Fan Motors. All the centrifugal blowers or fan motors from Tingertech are 100% quality inspection. Including:
    In-coming Raw Materials Inspection
    Initial for Centrifual Fan / AC Fan Motor Inspection
    Semi-finished Parts of Centrifual Fans / AC Fan Motor Inspection
    During Production Inspection
    Finished Centrifugal Fan or Fan Motor Inspection
    Pre-shipment for Centrifual Fan Blower / AC Fan Motors Inspection
    Container Loading Inspection for Centrifual Blower Fan / HVAC Fan Motor
    Meanwhile, we keep communication with customers in time which enables us to guarantee customer satisfaction for Centrifual Fans / AC Fan Motor. 
  • Can we load maximum quantity of Centrifual Fan Blower / AC Fan Motor to the container?

    Tingertech calculates the container space accurately based on customers' order quantity to ensure it without much space wasting when loading for Centrifual Fan / AC Fan Motor. our own logistic team will ensure the best freight charge and port charge too. The maximum quantity of Centrifual Blower Fan / AC Fan Motors for each containter can be loaded is guaranteed. 
  • How can I get in touch with you quickly for centrifugal fan / fan motor?

    You can send us quotation of centrifugal fans / fan motors via our website, OR send an email to, OR  call us: 0086 158618798425 OR add WECHAT: 0086 18961226028 OR add WHATSAPP:0086 158618798425 for Centrifual Blowers / AC Fan Motors price.

Fullfill Your Centrifugal Fan & Fan Motor Needs

Professional Centrifugal Fan & AC Fan Motor Manufacturers

Tingertech has more than 15+ years of forward curved centrifugal fan / furnace blower manufacturing experience, professional research and development capabilities and rich production experience, ensuring that our customers can get the most reliable centrifugal fan / furnace fan and fan motor at the most favorable price, so as to maximize our customers' benefits.

Leading Custom Centrifugal Fan & AC Fan Motor Suppliers

Tingertech not only provides the standard centrifugal fan / furnace blower and fan motor with different sizes and options, but also be able to custom centrifugal fan types/ furnace fan types and fan motors, to meet clients' needs of ac fan motor replacement, condenser fan motor replacement, hvac fan motor replacement. We provide ventilation solution for various applications.

One-stop Centrifugal Fan & AC Fan Motor Service

One-stop service is provided for furnace blower & fan AC motors brand owners, suppliers, wholesalers, distributors, shop owners, online shop owners and HVAC contractors who charge of HVAC & Refrigeration replacement parts, Heating & Air Conditioning parts, HVAC Repair Parts & Maintenance. Our only goal is to supply the most suitable and reliable centrifugal fan & ac fan motor at the most favorable price, with the worry-free after-sale service for you.

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