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Tingertech Centrifugal Fan / Inch Blower -TGP Series

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The TGP series centrifugal fan air-conditioning fan, used for fan coil only, is the forward multi-vane centrifugal metallic fan developed and manufactured first by our company. The fan Wheels are made of high quality of hot galvanizing steel sheet by using stamping technology with the advantages of high efficiency, lower noise and precision construction. Both the flow volume and pressure can meet with wide application, and the diameter of the Wheel is from 130mm to 250mm. The flow volume ranges from 250m /h to 3000m/h.

Directing the natural resource of air in a specific form of movement is Tingertech's strength. To achieve this, we focus on efficiency and reliability in all our housing fan. The correct integration of our systems to your specific requirements is particularly important to us. We reliably bring air to where it is needed, exactly when it is needed. The impressive variety of our centrifugal fan offers the very best solution for every application. The single or double inlet housing fan from our TGP series with AC technology and forward-curved blades are energy optimized for operation in a spiral housing.

Properties & special features

According to the installed position of the hub, the centrifugal fan can be divided into two types, right type and left type; viewing from hub side, if the Wheel  rotates clockwise, the fan is called right type; if it rotates anti-clockwise,  the fan is called left type.

Construction of Centrifuge Blower

TGP series centrifugal fans are mainly consisted of centrifugal fan housing , centrifugal fan wheel and centrifugal fan hub.

1. Centrifugal Fan Housing

The centrifugal fan housing is made of imported quality galavanizing sheet. Its  side plates take the shape according to the aerodynamic profile  and are fixed with biting-scroll with tapping screws.

2. Centrifugal Fan Wheel

Forward curved centrifugal fan wheel is made of high-grade imported  hot-galvanizing steel punched with precision mould and  curled.The reasonable design of impeller makes the ventilator  work in the optimum condition. The centrifugal fan wheel is fixed on the  middle disk plate and on the end ring with riveting grippers. The  centrifugal fan wheel has enough rigidity during continuous rotation with  maximum power. All Wheels have passed by ANSI/AMCA-204  balance test according to the Company Standard which is  higher level than National Standard.

3. Centrifugal Fan Hub

The connection of centrifugal fan wheel with electric centrifugal fan motor shaft is guaranteed  by the hub which is made of constructional steeldor die cast  zinc alloy followed by precision processing. The permissible  tolerance of hole diameter, per- pendicularity and coaxality are  all kept within 0.01 mm.

Instructions of Centrifugal Inch Blower

1) Matching electric centrifugal fan motor power of ventilation denotes  internal power plus safety coefficient of electric motor capacity  in special operating condition,it does denote the power  required during full opening of air outlet.Therefore no-load  running of fan without any applied resistance is strictly  prohibited in order to avoid burning out of the motor caused by  its operation at over rated power.

2) Special care should be taken during transportation, load  and unload of the centrifugal fan. The centrifugal fan is limited for use in areas where air substances are  non-corrosive, non-toxics and non-erosive.

3) Prior to installing centrifugal fan,rotate the wheel by hand or stick to  check for tightness or impact. If it is ensured that there is no  tightness and impact,then the installation can be carried out.

4) After installing the centrifugal fan,the scroll of centrifugal fan should be  inspected,There should not be tools and extra matters  remained in the casing.

5) Prior to official operation of ventilation,it is necessary to  check the rotating direction of both fan motor and centrifugal fan for their  coordination.

6) During ordering it is necessary to state the type of centrifugal fan,speed,air volume,air pressure,direction of air outlet,rotating  direction,type of electric fan motor and its specifications.

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