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    Our range of forward curved centrifugal fan / forward curved centrifugal blower / furnace blower are available in single and dual inlet options for a variety of low and medium pressure applications.
    These  centrifugal fan /  centrifugal blower are usually contained within the width of the fan housing, saving space normally occupied by standard motor, manufactured by our own factory. They are located in the airflow, so the temperature is limited.
    Low-cost speed control can be achieved by supply voltage variation. Since the scroll housing of the single inlet fan is in fabricated steel, it is possible to have detachable discharge flange, which means the centrifual fan can be mounted on its intake side.
  • Q How can I get a right quotation for Forward Curved Centrifugal Fan / AC Fan Motor?

    A For the right quotation for Forward Curved Centrifugal Fan, please offer: 1. Airflow you need at Certain Static Pressure; 2. Length of Ventilation Duct If Have OR share us some details of your project.
    For the right quotation for Fan Motors: please offer; 1.image of your ac fan motor; 2. Nameplate of your fan motor; 3. wire of your ac fan motors (copper wire or aluminum wire); 4. size of your HVAC motor if possible.
  • Q How about the fan motor power for centrifugal blower?

    A Fan motor power of centrifugal fan depends on centrifugal blower size and centrifugal fan airflow you need.
  • Q What is the Centrifual Fan Curve and Centrifugal Fan Type?

    A You can get the Centrifual Fan Curve and Centrifugal Fan Type of of each model in details of our products loaded. Or you can contact your centrifugal fan manufacturer / ac fan motor manufacturer here for centrifugal fan quote / fan motor price and more details.
  • Q What is the centrifugal fan design?

    Our AC Centrifugal Fan -TGZ series, EC Centrifugal Fan -TGZ series, Centrifugal Fan -TGP series, Centrifugal Fan - TGB series are differenct in centrifugal fan design. Check our centrifugal fan products loaded  for more details.
  • Q What is the centrifugal fan discharge direction?

    A Shown as below figure, our centrifugal fan / centrifugal blower / furnace fan / furnace blower can be made in four air-outlet directions:0°, 90°, 180°, and 270°.

    Discharge Direction of Industrial Air Extractor
  • Q What is centrifugal fan rotation direction?

    The centrifugal fan rotation direction can be divided into clockwise rotation (R) and counterclockwise rotation (L).
    Clockwise rotation (R) of AC Centrifugal Fan Blower: From the sleeve side, the Wheel rotation direction is the same as the clockwise direction of rotation.
    Counterclockwise rotation (L) of double inlet centrifugal fan: From the sleeve side, the Wheel rotation direction is opposite to the clockwise direction of rotation.

    rotation direction of housing fan
  • Q What is your centrifugal fan size?

    A We have normal centrifugal fan size from 7-5 to 12-12 inch for the centrifugal blower of TGZ series ( also named inch fan ), 130/190 to 250/250mm centrifugal fan of TGP series and  450,500mm  centrifugal fans of TGB series. if you have other request, centrifugal fan size also can be customized.
  • Q Why Choose a forward curved centrifugal fan?

    The centrifugal fans are suitable for supply or extract applications in commercial, process and HVAC systems.
    Our centrifugal fans with forward-curved blades have the advanges of energy-saving, convenient control and minimal noise generation,expecially EC centrifugal housing fan. 
    Saving energy is becoming more and more important these days. Specifically in the fields of ventilation and air conditioning, the use of energy-efficient fans offers great potential for savings. This is why Tingertech has developed an entire product range of dual-inlet, direct-drive centrifugal blowers with efficient AC / EC technology specially for ventilation and air conditioning applications.
    The integrated motor electronics permit convenient, infinitely variable speed control of the EC centrifugagl fans. Up to three air flow levels can be programmed in "Constant Flow" mode. This means that the centrifugal fan is regulated to a constant centrifugal fan airflow in the event of changes in resistance, caused for example by filters becoming clogged.
  • Q Where can I buy centrifugal fan?

    A If you would like to buy centrifugal fan in bulk or need more details about centrifugal blower, please visit www.tingertech.com or contact us for more help. Tingertech is the leading centrifugal fan manufacturers & suppliers and also condenser fan motors.Contact us to get centrifugal blower fan quotes. 

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