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Female To Brass Connector/Brass Fitting Pipe Connector

This product is used in residential and commercial systems such as potable water, air conditioning and refrigeration. Solder end connections. Lightweight, strong and corrosion resistant, and cannot produce toxic fumes in a fire.
  • Male Connector

  • Tingertech


Product Description

We feature a broad line of pipe fittings, available in various styles and sizes, to satisfy your every commercial and residential need.

All our copper pressure fittings are made according to different standard and are available in sizes 1/4 in. thru 6 in.

Advantages of Male Connector

1. Big production capacity.

2. Major AC factories approved manufacturer.

3. Our factory is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified.

4. OEM/ODM service provider.

5. 180+ patents holder.

6. Full range of air conditioner copper spare parts.

7. Inversed quality inspection procedure, each technician check quality from previous working process.

8. Eco-friendly fabrication.

9. Short lead time.

Feature of Male Connector

1. Made of high quality brass;

2. CxC connection type;

3. Full automated wielding system, numeral controlled, makes sure the product is of high quality;

4. Water pressure forming.


Model No. Dimension (mm)
D S L L1 L2
SN-G28 G1/4 17 28 10 10
SN-G48 G1/2 26 28 10 10
SN-G68 G3/4 32 30 10.5 10.5
SN-G1 G1 38 35 13 13
SN-G108 G1-1/4 52 44 20
SN-G128 G1-1/2 55 42 26
SN-G2 G2 66 48 36

Male Connector (2)

Male Connector (3)


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