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How to Extend the Life of an AC Fan Motor

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As mentioned earlier, the fan motor is one of the most difficult parts to operate in an air conditioner. Wear and tear eventually takes its toll. However, regular HVAC maintenance can prevent fan motors from burning out sooner than expected.

A common cause of a burnt out AC fan motor is the accumulation of dust around the fan motor. Dirt can sneak into the holes of the motor, creating more friction for the inner workings. This buildup can stress the motor and cause overheating. Regularly dusting in and around the motor holes can prevent this from happening. This simple maintenance task helps extend the life of the fan motor and can prevent more serious AC problems.

If you're not the most diligent person when it comes to HVAC maintenance, the best way to ensure regular maintenance is to develop a maintenance schedule with your HVAC company.

How often should I check the AC fan motor

They will check:

 Compressor

Fan motor

 Furnace motor

Most maintenance plans include semi-annual HVAC commissioning. As part of a routine maintenance visit, a technician will inspect the condenser unit, remove any dirt or leaves that have accumulated on or around the unit, inspect the fan, and if necessary, clean the fan motor and oil the bearings. Need the fan motor? Contact us!

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