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Information you need when buying a new motor

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Operating Voltage

The condensing fan motor is either single-phase (1 PH) or three-phase (3 PH). Homes are usually 240 volts, but be sure to check.

The voltage on the motor can sometimes be misleading, as shown below.

120 volts can also be called 110V or 115V

208V can also be called 200V

230 volts can also be called 220V or 240V

460 volts can also be called 440V or 480V

Amps (requires matching capacitors)

Horsepower (HP)

Shaft size:

The fan blades need to be mounted on the shaft to the same depth as they were originally set to. Basically, the fan is pushed onto the shaft until it reaches the same position as before it was pulled. Always check the position of the fan blades inside the unit before pulling the motor.

RPM (revolutions per minute)

installation method

Typically, the motor is attached to a thick grid that is bolted on.


Most HVAC motors are 48 frames with a body diameter of about 5-5/8 inches.

The direction in which the motor turns counter-clockwise or clockwise (Counter-clockwise or clockwise.)

Most general purpose motors have the option to reverse the direction of rotation.

speed number

Electric motors usually have multiple speeds. Different speeds may be required to adjust airflow for specific installations or different operating modes.

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