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What are the symptoms of a bad AC fan motor?

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Your AC fan is one of the most important components in your air conditioning system. It directs conditioned air throughout your home, making you feel cooler and more comfortable. Unfortunately, if your fan motor suddenly stops working, it can create problems and various symptoms in your HVAC system. If these symptoms are not resolved quickly, they can lead to HVAC repairs. 

Also, if symptoms on your HVAC unit are left unattended for extended periods of time, permanent damage to the interior of your home can occur. Not to mention, it just makes you uncomfortable! Most importantly, they can be avoided by being aware of the symptoms and taking action when you see them.

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The symptoms of a damaged AC fan motor may vary depending on the type of problem you are experiencing. If your AC fan isn't working, you may notice that your air conditioning system isn't blowing cool air.

There may be several reasons for this, including:

 Thermostat needs to be reset.

 Something is blocking the airflow to the vents.

 Your condenser coil has failed and needs to be replaced (this is rare).

If the AC fan motor is only working intermittently, you may notice a humming sound inside the AC unit upon startup. This is due to poor electrical connection resulting in poor contact with the motor power supply. In this case, replacing the harness and checking all connections should fix the problem, so your AC fan motor will continue to work.

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