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EC Centrifugal Fan


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Tingertech, your 

EC Centrifugal Fan Factory

Tingertech, wholesale odm / oem ec centrifugal fan manufacturer, has been in the ec centrifugal fan & fan motor manufacturing industry for years, and has adapted modern inch blower / ec centrifugal fan & fan motor manufacturing equipment and processes to keep production efficient and competitive. Improvements and renovations made to production, like the change to energy-saving and environment-friendly enameled wire dipping equipment, comply with environment and workplace safety standards. It has also added more value to the ec centrifugal fan & fan motor output and quality assurance.

We provide high-quality ec centrifugal fan and a c fan motor to help improve your brand be the best in the industry. Our ec centrifugal fan & fan motors are carefully developed and made using only the finest material (silicon steel sheet for stator and rotator, brand thermal protector, temperature rise ≤75k) and the best motor manufacturing processes. These ec centrifugal fans then undergo intensive quality assurance testing assure that you get the best ec centrifugal fan.

Advantages of EC Centrifugal Fan At A Glance

  • High Power EC Centrifugal Fan

    Quick start-up EC centrifugal fan blower
    Standard-compliant connection
    High power EC centrifugal fan
  • Reliable Operation

    Forced cooling of the electronics
    Reliable operation even at high temperatures
    100% speed control via analog or serial interface
    EC Centrifugal fan air flow up to 4,000 m³/h
  • Simple Commissioning

    • ec centrifual fan impeller, fan motor, control electronics and housing form a compact unit, a system concept of EC centrifugal Fan
    • Compact ec centrifugal fan design thanks to our own EC fan motor
    • Commissioning made easy by perfectly coordinated components: Control system, fan motor, EC centrifugal fan
    • Plug & play for EC centrifugal fan running
  • EC Centrifugal Fan Specification


    Single-ended/double-ended extracting EC centrifugal fan in the optimized spiral housing with forwards-curved ec centrifugal fan blade. Energy-optimized for operation in a spiral ec centrifugal fan housing for a high level of efficiency and favorable acoustic characteristics. Available in dimensions of 7 inches to 12 inches. This allows for ec centirfual fan air flow rates of up to 4,500 m³/h and static pressures of up to 800 Pa.

  • Properties & Special Features
    EC centrifugal fan in the TGZ series are characterized by their high output density. The high number of ec centrifugal fan impellers and EC technology allow the ec centrifugal fan to have very comfortable noise levels without disruptive rotation sounds. EC centrifugal fan housing is with discharge flange and fastening bracket.
  • Motor Concepts


    EC technology of fan motor with integrated controller tailored to the ec centrifugal fan.

  • High Power EC Centrifugal Fan
  • Reliable Operation of EC Centrifugal Fan
  • Simple Commissioning
  • EC Centrifugal Fan Specification
  • Properties & Special Features
  • Motor Concepts

Forward Curved EC Centrifugal Fan

Blower Motor for EC Centrifugal Fan

EC Centrifugal Fan Design

EC Centrifugal Fan Housing
The EC centrifugal fan housing is made of hot galvanized steel sheet. The side plates include inlets cones that are designed with the best aerodynamics for inlet condition. The EC centrifugal fan scroll is fixed to the side plates by spot welding. On the side of the EC centrifugal fan housing there are a series of holes drilled in advance for riveting nuts to carry out installation according to air outlet direction needed by the customer.
EC Centrifugal Fan Impeller
EC centrifugal fan impellers are constructed of high-grade hot galvanized steel sheet with the advanced aerodynamics profile to achieve the highest efficiency and the lowest noise level. The ec centrifugal fan blade is fixed on the center plate and on the end ring with riveting grip pres. The ec centrifugal fan wheel is constructed with maximum strength that endures the continuous operation with maximum power. EC centrifugal fan motor noise is related to impeller.
EC Centrifugal Fan Motor
EC centrifugal fan motor, also used as evaporative fan motor for centrifugal fan air cooler, can be single phase asynchronous 1 speed fan motor, 2 speed fan motor, 3 speed fan motor with voltage of 208-240V, 110-120V and frequency of 50Hz, 60Hz or 50/60Hz, which are flexible to change speed and easy to install. If you need fan motor replacement, contactwholesale odm / oem ec centrifugal fan manufacturer for quote.

Centrifugal Fan Price Buster

Contact EC Centrifugal Fan Supplier for Centrifugal Fan Price.

Capacitor can be add as your request (standard capacitor of best price from manufacturer)!
EC centrifugal fan for residential & commercial use!
Don't let the EC centrifugal fan scare you!
There is nothing inferior about these EC CENTRIFUGAL BLOWER FAN from oem ec blower fan factory!
These are brand EC CENTRIFUGAL FAN with own FAN MOTOR from wholesale odm / oem ec centrifugal fan factory!
The only thing cheap about these EC CENTRIFUGAL FAN from wholesale oem ec centrifugal fan supplier is the CENTRIFUGAL FAN PRICE!
One Year Warranty of EC CENTRIFUGAL FAN BLOWER from ec blower fan manufacturer - Tingertech!

Application of EC Centrifugal Fan

EC centrifugal fan with forward curved blades (centrifugal blower fan) are used in all sorts of applications demanding a low ec centrifugal fan noise level, a relatively low ec centrifugal fan air flow with high static pressure increase and a space-saving ec centrifugal fan design.
Depending on the fan motor types used, dual-inlet ec centrifugal fan with modern EC technology can cover virtually any conceivable area of application. There is a "tailor-made" solution for more or less any situation, from compact air handling units, furnace, air doors, air curtains, air locks and fan coil units to air heaters for factory buildings, or as china centrifugal cooling fan for the forced cooling of power converters, generators or telecommunications systems, contact wholesale odm / oem ec centrifugal fan factory for more.

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EC Centrifugal Fan Supplier Now!

Tingertech, ec centrifugal fan manufacturer, will serve you with relevant information to make your build-to-order purchase of forward curved ec centrifugal fan a low-stress experience. We provide personal service from your first inquiry through order delivery. This includes ec centrifugal fan design, ec centrifugal fan impeller design, ec centrifugal fan diagram, ec centrifugal fan curve, ec centrifugal fan types, or ac fan motor or other HVAC parts selection, a same day quote, concise information on product options, and updates on the delivery schedule.

Centrifugal Fan FAQ



    Our range of forward curved centrifugal fan / forward curved centrifugal blower / furnace blower are available in single and dual inlet options for a variety of low and medium pressure applications.
    These  centrifugal fan /  centrifugal blower are usually contained within the width of the fan housing, saving space normally occupied by standard motor, manufactured by our own factory. They are located in the airflow, so the temperature is limited.
    Low-cost speed control can be achieved by supply voltage variation. Since the scroll housing of the single inlet fan is in fabricated steel, it is possible to have detachable discharge flange, which means the centrifual fan can be mounted on its intake side.
  • How can I get a right quotation for Forward Curved Centrifugal Fan / AC Fan Motor?

    For the right quotation for Forward Curved Centrifugal Fan, please offer: 1. Airflow you need at Certain Static Pressure; 2. Length of Ventilation Duct If Have OR share us some details of your project.
    For the right quotation for Fan Motors: please offer; 1.image of your ac fan motor; 2. Nameplate of your fan motor; 3. wire of your ac fan motors (copper wire or aluminum wire); 4. size of your HVAC motor if possible.
  • How about the fan motor power for centrifugal blower?

    Fan motor power of centrifugal fan depends on centrifugal blower size and centrifugal fan airflow you need.
  • What is the Centrifual Fan Curve and Centrifugal Fan Type?

    You can get the Centrifual Fan Curve and Centrifugal Fan Type of of each model in details of our products loaded. Or you can contact your centrifugal fan manufacturer / ac fan motor manufacturer here for centrifugal fan quote / fan motor price and more details.
  • What is the centrifugal fan design?

    Our AC Centrifugal Fan -TGZ series, EC Centrifugal Fan -TGZ series, Centrifugal Fan -TGP series, Centrifugal Fan - TGB series are differenct in centrifugal fan design. Check our centrifugal fan products loaded  for more details.
  • What is the centrifugal fan discharge direction?

    Shown as below figure, our centrifugal fan / centrifugal blower / furnace fan / furnace blower can be made in four air-outlet directions:0°, 90°, 180°, and 270°.

    Discharge Direction of Industrial Air Extractor
  • What is centrifugal fan rotation direction?

    The centrifugal fan rotation direction can be divided into clockwise rotation (R) and counterclockwise rotation (L).
    Clockwise rotation (R) of AC Centrifugal Fan Blower: From the sleeve side, the Wheel rotation direction is the same as the clockwise direction of rotation.
    Counterclockwise rotation (L) of double inlet centrifugal fan: From the sleeve side, the Wheel rotation direction is opposite to the clockwise direction of rotation.

    rotation direction of housing fan
  • What is your centrifugal fan size?

    We have normal centrifugal fan size from 7-5 to 12-12 inch for the centrifugal blower of TGZ series ( also named inch fan ), 130/190 to 250/250mm centrifugal fan of TGP series and  450,500mm  centrifugal fans of TGB series. if you have other request, centrifugal fan size also can be customized.
  • Why Choose a forward curved centrifugal fan?

    The centrifugal fans are suitable for supply or extract applications in commercial, process and HVAC systems.
    Our centrifugal fans with forward-curved blades have the advanges of energy-saving, convenient control and minimal noise generation,expecially EC centrifugal housing fan. 
    Saving energy is becoming more and more important these days. Specifically in the fields of ventilation and air conditioning, the use of energy-efficient fans offers great potential for savings. This is why Tingertech has developed an entire product range of dual-inlet, direct-drive centrifugal blowers with efficient AC / EC technology specially for ventilation and air conditioning applications.
    The integrated motor electronics permit convenient, infinitely variable speed control of the EC centrifugagl fans. Up to three air flow levels can be programmed in "Constant Flow" mode. This means that the centrifugal fan is regulated to a constant centrifugal fan airflow in the event of changes in resistance, caused for example by filters becoming clogged.
  • Where can I buy centrifugal fan?

    If you would like to buy centrifugal fan in bulk or need more details about centrifugal blower, please visit or contact us for more help. Tingertech is the leading centrifugal fan manufacturers & suppliers and also condenser fan motors.Contact us to get centrifugal blower fan quotes. 

Factory FAQ


  • Centrifual Fan Manufacturer / AC Fan Motor Manufacturer or trading company?

    We are  Self-owned Factory who founded in 2007. Tingertech owns 3 factories, centrifugal fan manufacturer, fan motor manufacturer for centrifugal fan and other HVAC systems, stator and rotator manufacturer forour electric fan motor. Also Tingertech helps customers source HVAC/R parts. With 15+ years of manufacturing and sourcing experience, there are 100+ employees in Tingertech factory and head office. Owning 10k+ ㎡ factory area,10+ senior engineer to offer solutions for centrifugal blower and HVAC fan motors and  15+ QC to confirm quality of forward curved centrifugal fans. We are the leading manufacturer for centrifugal fan and fan motors with OEM services to customers all over the world.​​​​
  • What are your main products?

    As a professional Fan Motor suppliers and Centrifugal Fan suppliers, Tingertech and CPMDJ supplies the full support for producing and sourcing, including: a. producing Centrifugal Fan / Centrifugal blower, Condenser Fan Motors,Evaperative Cooler Motors, Air Conditioner Fan Motors, Fan & Blower Motors, Heat Pump Fan Motors, Universal Fan Motors, Indoor Fan Motors, Outdoor Fan Motors, Fan Coil Motors, Indoor Fan Motors, Outdoor Fan Motors, Heat Pump Fan Motors, BLDC Fan Motors, EC Fan Motors,Stepper Motors and other HVAC motors; b. sourcing HVAC parts, like Refrigeration Tool, air conditioning parts, ventilation parts, refrigerator and refrigerant parts...
  • How about your delivery time for Centrifual Fan / AC Fan Motor?

    Generally, it will take 10-15 working days to finish a 1x20GP container and 15-25 working days to finish a 1x40HQ container centrifugal blower or ac fan motor. If the quantity is more than 2 containers, about 20-35 0days, for more quantity of centrifugal fan or ac fan motors, we could discuss delivery solution and give you a better delivery schedule. 
  • How do we control quality for Centrifual Fan Blower / AC Fan Motors?

    We have rich experience in Quantity control and improvement for Centrifual Blower Fan / AC Fan Motors. All the centrifugal blowers or fan motors from Tingertech are 100% quality inspection. Including:
    In-coming Raw Materials Inspection
    Initial for Centrifual Fan / AC Fan Motor Inspection
    Semi-finished Parts of Centrifual Fans / AC Fan Motor Inspection
    During Production Inspection
    Finished Centrifugal Fan or Fan Motor Inspection
    Pre-shipment for Centrifual Fan Blower / AC Fan Motors Inspection
    Container Loading Inspection for Centrifual Blower Fan / HVAC Fan Motor
    Meanwhile, we keep communication with customers in time which enables us to guarantee customer satisfaction for Centrifual Fans / AC Fan Motor. 
  • Can we load maximum quantity of Centrifual Fan Blower / AC Fan Motor to the container?

    Tingertech calculates the container space accurately based on customers' order quantity to ensure it without much space wasting when loading for Centrifual Fan / AC Fan Motor. our own logistic team will ensure the best freight charge and port charge too. The maximum quantity of Centrifual Blower Fan / AC Fan Motors for each containter can be loaded is guaranteed. 
  • How can I get in touch with you quickly for centrifugal fan / fan motor?

    You can send us quotation of centrifugal fans / fan motors via our website, OR send an email to, OR  call us: 0086 158618798425 OR add WECHAT: 0086 18961226028 OR add WHATSAPP:0086 158618798425 for Centrifual Blowers / AC Fan Motors price.

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