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OEM Replacement Motors


1.  15+ years export and manufacturing experience
2. Focus more on quality
3. Reasonable Price
4. Free sample available

OEM Replacement Motors Price Buster

- Get OEM Replacement Motors Price from manufacturer!

Capacitor can be add as your request (standard capacitor of best price from manufacturer)!
These OEM Replacement Motors are brand new, for Tingertech fan motor manufacturers!
Don't let the oem fan motor replacement price scare you!
There is nothing inferior about these oem fan motor replacement!
The only thing cheap about these OEM replacement ac motors is the price!
For residential & commercial air conditioning & ventilation!
One Year Warranty for OEM replacement ac motors from oem fan motor manufacturer!
If your existing fan motor is a belly band mount or mounts with the motor thru bolts-This motor from oem fan motor manufacturers & suppliers & factory will work fine!
The motor thru bolts can be removed and reversed!

Brands of OEM Motor Replacement

Click on the brand to get your motor.

All Fan Motor Products

OEM Repalcement AC Motors

The fan motor from plays a vital role in how well your HVAC system works. Purpose OF AC fan motor is to transfer heat from the refrigerant system into outdoor air, which keeps the compressor from over-heating. OEM replacement AC motors from Tingertech, the fan motor manufacturers, extend equipment life by replacing old or damaged HVAC motor in ventilators, fans, and blowers. These replacement motors match the existing fan motors of your equipment from the original manufacturer to ensure consistent performance and correct installation.

Tingertech's HVAC Parts Bundle Advantage

Tingertech stocks over 1,000 different fan motor types and can supply customers most air conditioning Parts that can be individualized into one P.O. which save much of your energy and money.
Cut down on having to stock large quantites in your warehouse.
HVAC Parts are perfect for the bundle because you can add all the needed accessories to your order.
Tingertech offers you one stop solution for your fan motor and HVAC Parts.
Warranty - Tingertech offers a minimum 1-year warranty from date of install.

Cooperation Process

Contact Us for OEM Fan Motor Replacement!
The professionals at Tingertech will serve you with relevant information to make your build-to-order purchase of fan motor a low-stress experience. We provide personal service from your first inquiry through order delivery. Our ac fan motor includes condenser fan motor, evaporative fan motor, air conditioner fan motor, fan coil motor, universal ac condenser fan motor, blower fan motor, heat pump fan motor and other electric fan motor for ac unit. Our team of experts is ready to answer all your questions.Whether you have a question about ac fan motor cost, 3 speed fan motor wiring diagram, 2 speed fan motor wiring diagram, or are looking for advice for your project, contact fan motor manufacturers & suppliers!

Factory FAQ


  • Centrifual Fan Manufacturer / AC Fan Motor Manufacturer or trading company?

    We are  Self-owned Factory who founded in 2007. Tingertech owns 3 factories, centrifugal fan manufacturer, fan motor manufacturer for centrifugal fan and other HVAC systems, stator and rotator manufacturer forour electric fan motor. Also Tingertech helps customers source HVAC/R parts. With 15+ years of manufacturing and sourcing experience, there are 100+ employees in Tingertech factory and head office. Owning 10k+ ㎡ factory area,10+ senior engineer to offer solutions for centrifugal blower and HVAC fan motors and  15+ QC to confirm quality of forward curved centrifugal fans. We are the leading manufacturer for centrifugal fan and fan motors with OEM services to customers all over the world.​​​​
  • What are your main products?

    As a professional Fan Motor suppliers and Centrifugal Fan suppliers, Tingertech and CPMDJ supplies the full support for producing and sourcing, including: a. producing Centrifugal Fan / Centrifugal blower, Condenser Fan Motors,Evaperative Cooler Motors, Air Conditioner Fan Motors, Fan & Blower Motors, Heat Pump Fan Motors, Universal Fan Motors, Indoor Fan Motors, Outdoor Fan Motors, Fan Coil Motors, Indoor Fan Motors, Outdoor Fan Motors, Heat Pump Fan Motors, BLDC Fan Motors, EC Fan Motors,Stepper Motors and other HVAC motors; b. sourcing HVAC parts, like Refrigeration Tool, air conditioning parts, ventilation parts, refrigerator and refrigerant parts...
  • How about your delivery time for Centrifual Fan / AC Fan Motor?

    Generally, it will take 10-15 working days to finish a 1x20GP container and 15-25 working days to finish a 1x40HQ container centrifugal blower or ac fan motor. If the quantity is more than 2 containers, about 20-35 0days, for more quantity of centrifugal fan or ac fan motors, we could discuss delivery solution and give you a better delivery schedule. 
  • How do we control quality for Centrifual Fan Blower / AC Fan Motors?

    We have rich experience in Quantity control and improvement for Centrifual Blower Fan / AC Fan Motors. All the centrifugal blowers or fan motors from Tingertech are 100% quality inspection. Including:
    In-coming Raw Materials Inspection
    Initial for Centrifual Fan / AC Fan Motor Inspection
    Semi-finished Parts of Centrifual Fans / AC Fan Motor Inspection
    During Production Inspection
    Finished Centrifugal Fan or Fan Motor Inspection
    Pre-shipment for Centrifual Fan Blower / AC Fan Motors Inspection
    Container Loading Inspection for Centrifual Blower Fan / HVAC Fan Motor
    Meanwhile, we keep communication with customers in time which enables us to guarantee customer satisfaction for Centrifual Fans / AC Fan Motor. 
  • Can we load maximum quantity of Centrifual Fan Blower / AC Fan Motor to the container?

    Tingertech calculates the container space accurately based on customers' order quantity to ensure it without much space wasting when loading for Centrifual Fan / AC Fan Motor. our own logistic team will ensure the best freight charge and port charge too. The maximum quantity of Centrifual Blower Fan / AC Fan Motors for each containter can be loaded is guaranteed. 
  • How can I get in touch with you quickly for centrifugal fan / fan motor?

    You can send us quotation of centrifugal fans / fan motors via our website, OR send an email to, OR  call us: 0086 158618798425 OR add WECHAT: 0086 18961226028 OR add WHATSAPP:0086 158618798425 for Centrifual Blowers / AC Fan Motors price.

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