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Cheap 24L Automatic Air Conditioning Drainage Unit Condensate Water Lift Pump

The liquid level switch is responsible for detecting the liquid level and sending signals to the water pump through the control circuit. When the float rises to a certain height, the water pump is started to drain. When the float drops to a certain height, the water pump stops running. If the system fails and cannot drain water normally, the alarm switch will start automatically when the alarm level is reached.
  • SBH-24L

  • Tingertech


Product Description

The function of air conditioning condensate drainage pump

Can improve the drainage patency, prevent the roof bubble,No water pumps in air conditioning machine, can only make natural drainage, natural drainage weakness is poor drainage, drainage is not clean, or the entry of air conditioning construction in condole top front end, carpentry if cannot guarantee during the construction of the early stage of the air conditioning set up by the drainage slope, ceiling air-conditioning pipe is belong to take cover engineering, and other equipment to run after, A lack of drainage gradient may allow condensate to flow back into the water tray, which is not noticed until the ceiling is damaged by condensation

Can eliminate condensation water backlog, prevent secondary pollution.If the condensed water generated during the operation of the air conditioner cannot be discharged in time, it will accumulate in the roof drainage pipe. Because there is always dust in the house, it will pollute the condensed water. After a long time, the condensed water will become moldy and deteriorate, and then blow to the room through the air outlet, causing secondary pollution of the air

Can raise the ceiling height, prevent space depression.At present, the commercial housing of indoor floors are around 2.7 ~ 2.9 meters, the height is not high, the lower the requirements for the thickness of the ceiling, the better, because is equipped with condensate pump, do not use gravity drainage, no slope of the pipeline, so can reduce the ceiling height, condole top can be controlled between 200 mm to 220 mm, and has more advantages in space design


Product Name Air conditioning condensate pump
Application  Internal drainage for central air conditioning
Usage Air Conditioning Terminals
Material Plastic
Brand Tinger
Feature Central air conditioning built-in water pump, 0.7 meters head, silent   operation, automatic

Cheap QL-24L automatic air conditioning drainage unit condensate water lift pump


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