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Flame Retardant Rubber And Plastic Sound-absorbing Board B2 Grade Thermal Insulation Rubber And Plastic Sponge Board

Rubber-plastic sponge is a soft, closed-cell structure, non-chlorofluorocarbon black foamed rubber-plastic (NBR/PVC) thermal insulation material, with low thermal conductivity, good water vapor penetration resistance and fire resistance.

  • Thermal Insulation Rubber And Plastic Sponge Board

  • Tingertech


Product Description

1: low thermal conductivity

When the average temperature is 0 °C, the thermal conductivity of this material is 0.034W/mk, and its surface heat dissipation coefficient is high, so under the same external conditions, the thickness of this product is more than half thinner than that of other thermal insulation materials to achieve the same thermal insulation. effect, thus saving the space above the floor ceiling and saving investment.

2: good flame retardant performance

This material contains a lot of flame-retardant and smoke-reducing raw materials, and the smoke concentration generated during combustion is extremely low, and it will not melt in case of fire, and will not drop flaming fireballs. The material has the characteristics of self-extinguishing.

According to GB8624-1997 "Classification Method of Combustion Performance of Building Materials", this product is a B1 grade flame retardant material to ensure safety and reliability.


Combustion performance

Apparent density Kg/m3 ≤95 GB/T 6343
Oxygen index % ≥32 GB/T 2406
Smoke density —— ≤75 GB/T 8627

When used in the construction field, not lower than Class C GB 8624-2006
Thermal conductivity Average temperature -20℃             0℃             40℃ W/(m.k) ≤0.031             ≤0.034             ≤0.036 GB/T 10294
Moisture permeability  Moisture permeability coefficient g/( ≤2.8×10-11 GB/T 17146-1997
Moisture resistance factor —— ≥7.0×103
Vacuum water absorption % ≤10 GB/T 17794—2008
Dimensional stability 105±3℃, 7d % ≤10 GB/T 8811
Tear strength N/cm ≥2.5 GB/T 10808
Compression rebound rate Compression rate 50% Compression time 72h % ≥70 GB/T 6669-2001
Ozone resistance Ozone partial pressure 202mpa 200h —— no cracking GB/T 7762
Aging resistance 150h —— slight wrinkling, no cracks, no pinholes, no deformation GB/T 16259
Applicable temperature -40—110℃ GB/T17794

Flame retardant rubber and plastic sound-absorbing board B2 grade thermal insulation rubber and plastic sponge board


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