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TGP225/250 Forward Curved Centrifugal Fan For Fan Coil

The TGP series air-conditioning fan, used for fan coil only, is the forward multi-vane centrifugal metallic fan developed and manufactured first by Tingertech. The centrifugal fan wheels are made of high quality of hot galvanizing steel sheet by using stamping technology with the advantages of high efficiency, lower noise and precision construction. Both the flow volume and pressure can meet with wide application, and the diameter of the Wheel is from 130mm to 250mm. The flow volume ranges from 250m /h to 3000m/h.
  • TGP225/250

  • Tingertech

  • 50/60Hz 

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  • 115V/208-230V 

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Product Description

The TGP series air-conditioning centrifugal fan, used for fan coil only, is the forward multi-vane centrifugal metallic fan developed and manufactured first by us. The centrifugal fan impellers are made of high quality of hot galvanizing steel sheet by using stamping technology with the advantages of high efficiency, lower noise and precision construction. Both the centrifugal fan flow volume and cenrifugal fan air pressure can meet with wide application, and the diameter of the centrifugal fan wheel is from 130mm to 250mm. The flow volume of centrifugal fan ranges from 250m /h to 3000m/h.

Nomenclature of Centrifugal Fan


Features of Centrifugal Fan Blower

According to the installed position of the hub, the centrifugal fan blower can be divided into two types, right type and left type; viewing from hub side, if the centrifugal fan wheel rotates clockwise, the centrifugal fan is called right type; if it rotates anti-clockwise, the centrifugal fan is called left type.

Centrifugal Fan Design

TGP series centrifugal fans are mainly consisted of centrifugal fan housing, centrifugal fan impeller and hub. 

1. Centrifugal Fan Housing 

The centrifugal fan housing is made of imported quality galavanizing sheet. Its side plates take the shape according to the aerodynamic profile and are fixed with biting-scroll with tapping screws.


2. Centrifugal Fan Impeller

Forwards curved centrifugal fan radial impeller is made of high-grade imported hot-galvanizing steel punched with precision mould and curled.The reasonable design of centrifugal fan impeller makes the ventilator work in the optimum condition. The centrifugal fan impeller is fixed on the middle disk plate and on the end ring with riveting grippers. The centrifugal fan blade has enough rigidity during continuous rotation with maximum power. All centrifugal fan impellers have passed by balance test according to the Company Standard which is higher level than National Standard. 

3. Centrifugal Fan Hub 

The connection of centrifugal fan blade with electric ac fan motor shaft is guaranteed by the centrifugal fan hub which is made of constructional steeldor die cast zinc alloy followed by precision processing. The permissible  tolerance of hole diameter, per- pendicularity and coaxality are all kept within 0.01 mm.

Instructions of Centrifugal Fan Blower

1) Matching electric fan motor power of ventilation denotes internal power plus safety coefficient of electric centrifugal fan motor capacity in special operating condition, it does denote the power required during full opening of air outlet.Therefore no-load  running of centrifugal fan without any applied resistance is strictly  prohibited in order to avoid burning out of the motor caused by  its operation at over rated power.

2) Special care should be taken during transportation, load and unload of centrifugal fans. The centrifugal fan is limited for use in areas where air substances are non-corrosive, non-toxics and non-erosive. 

3) Prior to installing fan, rotate the centrifugal fan impeller by hand or stick to check for tightness or impact. If it is ensured that there is no  tightness and impact, then the installation of centrifugal blower fan can be carried out. 

4) After installing, the centrifugal fan, the scroll of centrifugal fan should be inspected, there should not be tools and extra matters remained in the casing. 

5) Prior to official operation of ventilation, it is necessary to check the rotating direction of both centrifugal fan motor and centrifugal fan for their coordination. 

6) During ordering it is necessary to state the centrifugal fan type, speed, air volume, air pressure, direction of air outlet, rotating direction, type of electric fan motor and centrifugal fans specifications.

Centrifugal Fan Diagram

centrifugal fan impeller diameter D = 225 mm Fan weight m = 3.75 kg
Moment of inertia J = 0.014 kg.m⊃2; Speed limit n (max)= 1400 r/min

Centrifugal Fan Curve

Centrifugal fan performance curve is certified for installation type B: free inlet, ducted outlet. Power rating (kW) does not include transmission losses. Performance ratings of centrifugal fan do not include the effects of appurtenances (accessories). The A-weighted sound ratings shown have been calculated per AMCA International Standard 301. Values of centrifugal fans shown are for inlet. LWiA sound power levels for installation of centrifugal fan type B: free inlet, ducted outlet.

TGP225250 (1)

Overall Size of Centrifugal Fan Blowers

TGP225250 (2)



1. Q: How we choose the right centrifugal fan as we need?

A: For your similar, please share us:

The volume at certain static pressure.

2. Q: Can you provide us sample of centrifuge blower duct fan, is it free or need to pay?

A: Free sample is always available, freight cost on customer's side.

3. Q: What's your payment term?

A: 30% deposit and 70% balance before shipping by LC,TT on FOB term.

4. Q: What kind of product you can provide?

A: As a professional factory of hvac motor and centrifugal fan (housing fan), many different motor models and centrifugal duct fans are on our list: fan coil unit motor for central air conditioner, motor for split, cabinet, window, ceiling air conditioner, cooler motor, blower motor, fan motor, heat pump motor, universal fan motor, indoor fan motor, outdoor fan motor, condenser fan motor, PG motor, and other HVAC/R MOTOR; BLDC motor, EC motor, stepper motor, single and three phase motor; AC Centrifugal fan, EC centrifugal blower as well as other HVAC parts, which are on our service to help cusotmer purchase.

5. Q: Is there a MOQ for your blower fan?

A: Yes. The MOQ is between 100-500pcs for different models after sample approval. And it's also okay for us to accept smaller lots for the initial order.

6. Q: Could you send me a price list?

A: Most of our centrifugal housing fan are not standard, they are customized based on different requirements like voltage, power and shaft dia and length etc. Thus, it's really difficult for us to provide a price list. If you could share your detailed requirements and quantity, we'll be sure to offer a very competitive price.


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