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Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors, Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Flaw Detectors All-In-One Version

TG-301A Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors
Maximizes your inspection performance with the unique fully digital ultrasonic Flaw detector. Designed for field Ultrasonic inspections and Corrosion mapping.
The digital ultrasonic flaw detector integrates ultrasonic flaw detection, ultrasonic thickness measurement, and ultrasonic penetration functions. It has multiple functions such as ultrasonic thickness gauge, WIFI connection to the network or mobile phone, etc. It is suitable for ultrasonic detection of surface and internal defects of metal and non-metal materials in the industrial field. The design meets the requirements of ergonomics, is simple and intuitive, convenient and practical. It provides a very high level of flaw detection capability with simple basic operations, so that both experienced industry personnel and novices can easily get started with the ultrasonic flaw detector. It can be widely used in various fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, shipbuilding, aviation, and aerospace.
  • TG-301A


Flaw detector redefined

Flaw detector redefined
Few flaw detectors are more versatile than our portable TG-301A flaw detection, designed for field Ultrasonic inspections, built to tackle a wide range of inspection challenges. Maximize your inspection performance with our unique fully digital ultrasonic Flaw detectors.

Perform comprehensive, accurate inspections on industrial assets, then enrich your inspection data with images and geolocation for improved traceability and reporting.

Highlights of flaw detection

Large Display Screen of Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors The 8-inch large screen makes it easier to observe waveform details, and small defect waveforms are not easily missed. The screen size can be selected according to needs;
Negative Detection Standards Built-in commonly used flaw detection standards in various industries, direct call, convenient and fast;
Automatic Calibration of Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Automatic calibration function of probe zero point and probe angle (K value); automatic sound velocity measurement function;
Peak Memory Real-time search for defect peak wave, record defect maximum value;
DAC/TCG/AVG Automatic curve generation, unlimited sampling points, and compensation and correction can be performed. The curve automatically floats with gain, automatically expands with sound path, and automatically moves with delay;
Multi-gate Control of UltrasonicFlaw Detections A/B two alarm gates can freely set incoming waves and outgoing waves, and C gate can realize interface tracking; Large storage space: Since the smart  portable ultrasonic flaw detector runs the flaw detection program like mobile phones and computers under the operating system, an unlimited amount of flaw detection data can be stored;
Negative Detection Report Template Can Be Automatically Generated Customers can customize the modification and replacement of the template of the flaw detection report, and can also implant templates of various formats and industries, which can be edited and generated directly on the flaw detection instrument;
Wireless Transmission and Printing As long as there is a network on site, the flaw detection data and reports can be wirelessly transmitted to the office for viewing and printing, without the need for transmission lines and U disks to transfer and transmit;
Photography Function of Ultrasonic Flaw Detection The portable flaw detector can take real-time photos of the scene and flaw detection situation using the flaw detector's built-in camera function and embed them into the report for archiving. It does not need to borrow other devices such as mobile phones, which is more convenient;
Multiple Auxiliary Functions The background, reflection waveform, gate, color are adjustable, and the waveform can be frozen, enlarged, filled, etc.

Features of flaw detectors

Maximizes your inspection performance with the unique fully digital ultrasonic Flaw detector.
Data Availability
With network, flaw detection data and reports can be immediately transmitted and shared
Rephrase with Ginger (Ctrl+Alt+E)
Automatic Calibration
Automatic calibration of probe zero point and probe angle (K value); automatic sound velocity measurement function
Automatic curve, unlimited sampling points, and can compensate & correct, float with gain, expand with sound path, and move with delay generation
Increase Productivity
No adaptation time: learn in 1 hour and start inspection with the most intuitive, user-friendly, feature-rich smart ultrasonic flaw detector
Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Details

Technical Specifications of Flaw Detections

Number of Channels Oneaisle
Flaw Detector Type Portable ultrasonic flaw detectors with water immersion detection function
Material sound velocity 0~15000m/s, built-in common material longitudinal and transverse wave sound velocity, can also be customized
Working mode Single crystal probe (single receiving and single transmitting), dual crystal probe (one receiving and the other transmitting)
Detection mode Full wave, positive half wave, negative half wave, radio frequency (RF)
Resolution ≥32dB (5MHz14Z)
Data Sampling Rate 100MB/s
Working Frequency 1~25MHz
Repeat Frequency 20 Hz ~2000Hz
Scan Range 0-100000mm
Total Gain 110dB, step: 0.1, 1.0, 2.0, 6
Vertical Linear ≤2%
Horizontal Linear ≤0.5%
Dynamic Range ≥36dB
Sensitivity Margin
Attenuator 12dB error ≤±1dB, 
Electrical Noise When gain reach 100dB, ≤10%
Flaw detector emission voltage 50-400V adjustable
Long-term Working Stability of Flaw Detector Sensitivity fluctuation is less than 1dB after 2 hours of continuous operation
Flaw Detector Size 250mm×150mm×45mm
Total Weight 1.4kg
Operating Temperature 0~40°, for reference only

Application of Flaw Detectors

Application range
Application range
Industry: The portable ultrasonic flaw detectors produced by our factory are widely used in ultrasonic testing and secondary development research in aviation, aerospace, electric power, metallurgy, railways, automobiles, and scientific research institutions such as colleges and universities;

● Products: The products involved include castings, forgings, extrusions, and welds; the varieties include tubes, rods, profiles, plates, and other special-shaped workpieces;

● Materials: The metal detection used includes internal quality inspection of metal materials such as steel, aluminum, titanium, copper and its alloys.
1* Intelligent portable ultrasonic flaw detector
1*Flaw detector charger
1*Hand strap
1*Instruction manual
1*Random accessories list
1*Flaw detector certificate
1*Probe cable (Optional)
1*Straight probe (Optional)

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