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Air conditioner Transformer 40VA 50VA 75VA 100VA Power Transformer for air conditioner

Tinger's products are widely used in refrigeration, refrigerators, air conditioners, aerospace, military nuclear power, electrical appliances, drilling and mining, jewelry and other industries. Brazing materials of various specifications and shapes. Our products not only sell well in the Chinese market, with a product market coverage rate of 60-70%, including Gree, Midea, Danfoss, Panasonic, LG, Samsung and other well-known international and domestic companies, but also exported to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries, deep Popular with users.

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Product Description

Tinger is a comprehensive development-oriented enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, transportation, warehousing and marketing. We are mainly engaged in air conditioning and other refrigeration equipment, and constantly strive to meet the different needs of the society; provide customers with advanced technology and cost-competitive contactors, transformers, etc.

Transformer Series
No. Model Rated output voltage(Vd.c.) Output current            (mA) Power             (VA)
1 TG-28 series 1.0V-36.0VAC 2mA-200mA 0.2VA-2.0VA
2 TG-35 series 1.0V-36.0VAC 2mA-500mA 0.5VA-4.0VA
3 TG-41 series 1.0V-36.0VAC 50 mA -1000mA 1.0VA-8.0VA
4 TG-48 series 1.0V-36.0VAC 50mA -2000mA 6.0VA-20.0VA
5 TG-57 series 1.0V-36.0VAC 50 mA -4000mA 10.VA-30.0VA
6 TG-66 series 1.0V-36.0VAC 50 mA -4500mA 20.VA-50.0VA
7 TG-76 series 1.0V-36.0VAC 50 mA -5000mA 30.0VA-50.0VA
8 TG-86 series 1.0V-36.0VAC 50mA -6000mA 50.VA-120.0VA
9 TG-96 series 1.0V-36.0VAC 50mA -7000mA 80.VA-150.0VA
10 TG-105 series 1.0V-36.0VAC 50mA -7500mA 100.VA-180.0VA
11 TG-114 series 1.0V-36.0VAC 50mA -8000mA 150.VA-300.0VA
Note: in accordance with the requirements of customers can design

TG single phase isolation transformer type list
NO. Power(VA) Core size(mm) Dimensions(mm)
1 200VA 96X60 96*115*112
2 250VA 114X50 114*105*125
3 300VA 114X60 114*112*125
4 400VA 133X52 133.2*105*142
5 500VA 133X60 133.2*112*142
6 600VA 133X65 133.2*117*142
7 700VA 133X70 133.2*125*142
8 800VA 152X65 153*125*160
9 1KVA 152X80 153*140*160
10 1.5KVA 164X70 192*165*190
11 2KVA 164X80 192*175*190
12 2.5KVA 164X90 192*185*190
13 3KVA 176X85 228*205*220
14 4KVA 176X100 228*220*220
15 4.5KVA 176X105 228*225*220
16 5KVA 176X110 228*230*220
17 6KVA 180X120 240*250*250
18 7KVA 180X140 240*270*250
19 8KVA 190X110 270*240*275
20 9KVA 190X125 270*250*275
21 10KVA 200X105 300*240*300
Description: OEM PLS CONTACT



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