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Single Speed 1075RPM / 825RPM 208-230V 60Hz Capacitor Run Condenser Fan Motor

Air conditioner fan motor is a kind of HVAC AC motor. Each OEM replacement A/C motor extends equipment life by replacing old or damaged HVAC motors in ventilator, fan, and blower. Our air conditioning motors match the equipment's existing motor well by ensuring consistent performance and correct installation.
  • Single Speed 1075RPM / 825RPM 208-230V 60Hz Capacitor Run Condenser Fan Motor

  • Tingertech

  • 1/6HP

  • 50Hz  60Hz  50/60Hz 


Product Description

Nomenclature for Motor:


Y: asynchronous motor

S: Dual shaft

D: Single shaft

K: Air conditioning

140: Motor frame (outer diameter of stator)

150: Motor output power

6: Number of poles

A: Factory design code (or customer code, etc.)

Motor featurers:

1. The motor have low Noise,reasona structure,high efficiency.

2. Steady quatlity.

3. Insulation class E/B/F,protection class IP00-IP54.

4. Large Wind Amount.

5. Providing Imported equipment & technical assistance.

6. Low temperature rise and a strong adaptability to the environment.

7. 100% pure copper, aluminum motor can also be available if customer need large quantity.

Technical specification:

Model No.






YDK140-125-6A 1/6 208-230V 60Hz 1075/1 WG840727 1859 S1-FHM3727
YDK140-185-6A 1/4 208-230V 60Hz 1075/1 WG840728 1860 S1-FHM3728
YDK140-250-6A 1/3 208-230V 60Hz 1075/1 WG840729 1861 S1-FHM3729
YDK140-375-6A 1/2 208-230V 60Hz 1075/1 WG840730 1862 S1-FHM3730
YDK140-550-6A 3/4 208-230V 60Hz 1075/1 WG840731 1868 S1-FHM3731
YDK140-125-6B 1/6 208-230V 60Hz 825/1
YDK140-185-6B 1/4 208-230V 60Hz 825/1 WG840204 1874
YDK140-250-6B 1/3 208-230V 60Hz 825/1 WG840205 1875 S1-FHM3205
YDK140-375-6B 1/2 208-230V 60Hz 825/1
YDK140-250-6A2 1/3 1/4 1/5 1/6 208-230V 60Hz 1075/2 WG840465 5462 S1-FHM3465
YDK140-375-6A2 1/2 1/3 1/4 1/5 208-230V 60Hz 1075/2 WG840468 5465 S1-FHM3468
YDK140-250-6B2 1/3 1/4 1/5 1/6 208-230V 60Hz 825/2 WG840469 5464 S1-FHM3469

Our service:

  • Honesty,Good Efficiency and Provide the Best Service

  • We are able to develop new motor and produce it according to your requirement, please provide with your drawing & sample.

  • Our advantage: good quality, low price, prompt delivery, strong R&D ability.

  • Single Speed 1075RPM 825RPM 208-230V 60Hz Capacitor Run Condenser Fan Motor

  • FAQ

  • Q:What's the condenser motor?

  • A:Compressor suction from the evaporator working medium low pressure steam, after pressure into the condenser, cold high pressure of the liquid condensed in the condenser, the throttle valve throttle, become low pressure liquid into the evaporator, the evaporator of heat to evaporate and become a low pressure steam, thus complete the refrigeration cycle.

  • Q:If products have some problem,What should do?

  • A:firstly,every products will be check carefully after finished,and if producthave qulity problem,we will guarantee 100% replacement service.

  • Q:How long the products warranty?

  • A:The warranty is 24 months on the production date.



1. Q: How we get a same motor as we need?

A: For your same motor, please share us:

a.Your motor image and nameplate;

b.Detailed size of your motor.

2. Q: Can you provide us sample, is it free or need to pay?

A: Free sample is always available, freight cost on customer's side.

3. Q: What's your payment term?

A: 30% deposit and 70% balance before shipping by LC,TT on FOB term.

4. Q: What kind of product you can provide?
A: As a professional factory of hvac motor and centrifugal fan (housing fan), many different motor models and centrifugal duct fans are on our list: fan coil unit motor for central air conditioner, motor for split, cabinet, window, ceiling air conditioner, cooler motor, blower motor, fan motor, heat pump motor, universal fan motor, indoor fan motor, outdoor fan motor, condenser fan motor, PG motor, and other HVAC/R MOTOR; BLDC motor, EC motor, stepper motor, single and three phase motor; AC Centrifugal fan, EC centrifugal blower as well as other HVAC parts, which are on our service to help cusotmer purchase.

5. Q: Is there a MOQ for your motors?
A: Yes. The MOQ is between 100-500pcs for different models after sample approval. And it's also okay for us to accept smaller lots for the initial order.

6. Q: Could you send me a price list?
A: Most of our motor are not standard products, they are customized based on different requirements like voltage, power and shaft dia and length etc. Thus, it's really difficult for us to provide a price list. If you could share your detailed requirements and quantity, we'll be sure to offer a very competitive price.


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