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MAX-307 YSK140-245-6A1 5KCP39HGM307AT China Air Conditioner Fan Motor, HVAC Motor

307 YSK140-245-6A1 5KCP39HGM307AT China Air Conditioner Fan Motor, HVAC Motor is designed for continuous air over applications,such as window type air conditioner, room air conditioners, unit coolers, and other air moving applications with double shaft requirements.
  • MAX-307 YSK140-245-6A1 5KCP39HGM307AT

  • Tingertech

  • 245W

  • 50Hz  60Hz  50/60Hz 


Product Description

Air conditioner Fan Motor with ball bearing is a capacitor running ac fan motor that replaces all 185W, 208-230V, and 1300 RPM window type air conditioning fan motors. This kind of AC Fan Motors are designed for either vertical shaft-up or shaft-down applications. Shell and end shields of this PSC fan motors are enclosed for water protection. In each end shield,there is a weep hole, to allow condensate to drain. All of these ac fan motors are suitable for air conditioning or heat pump applications. This motor connects easily to the fan controller via a standard plug. For 3-speed applications. Fan motor rotation is set using a simple jumper wire.

Air Condition Motor Models

Model Voltage RPM /SPDS HP HZ Cap (uF) ROT Replaces  OEM Model
YSK140/35-4-185-1 208~230 1300/3 1/5 50/60 7.5 CWLE
YSK140/30-4-150-1 208~230 1200/3 1/4 50/60 5 CWLE
YSK140/35-4-185-2 208~230 1300/3 1/5 50/60 7.5 CWLE
YSK140/30-4-150-2 208~230 1200/3 1/4 50/60 5 CWLE
YSK140/26-4-120 208~230 1000/3 1/6 50/60 5 CWLE 5KCP39EGT115AS
YSK140/26-6-90 208~230 900/3 1/8 50/60 5 CWLE MM15108
YSK140/30-4-120A 208~230 1000/3 1/6 50/60 5 CWLE MM151106
YSK140/35-4-185C 208~230 1100/3 1/4 50/60 7.5 CWLE MM151104
YSK140/24-6-120 208~230 1050/3 1/6 50/60 5 CWLE ACE-635-16
YSK140/30-6-120 208~230 1000/2 1/6 50/60 5 CWLE 5KCP39DGM511T /F48SE6MA61
YSK3 140/26-6-150 208~230 1100/2 1/5 50/60 5 CWLE 639TC
YSK2 140/35-6-150 208~230 1075/3 1/5 50/60 4 CWLE 3972C
YSK3 140/35-6-150 208~230 1050/3 1/5 50/60 5 CWLE 5KCP39HGS635S
YSK140/30-6-185 208~230 1075/3 1/4 50/60 5 CCWLE 7126-2870
YSK140/30-4-185 208~230 1100/3 1/4 50/60 7.5 CWLE 5KCP39HGT116BS
YSK140/35-6-185A 208~230 1100/3 1/4 50/60 4 CCWLE

Air Conditioner Fan Motor Features

  • High efficiency and low noise designs for window air conditioner fan motor

  • Steady quality, long expectancy of air conditioner motor

  • Ring kit allows 2 1/2” resilient ring mounting

  • Automatic thermal overload protection

  • Imported equipment & technical assistance

  • Low temperature rise and a strong adaptability to the environment

  • 100% pure copper or aluminum air conditioner motor can also be available if customer need large quantity

Fan Motor for Air Conditioner Applications

Tingertech offers you a complete line of HVAC motors, which is designed to operate in the harshest applications while reducing total cost of ownership. Our fan motors can be used in a variety of applications including air cooler fan motors, air conditioner fan motors, indoor fan motors, outdoor fan motors, window AC fan motors, condenser fan motors, general purpose fan motors, fan coil motors, heat pump fan motors , resin encapsulated motors and EC fan motors. We can also customize any fan motor version for specialized HVAC applications.

Air conditioner motor suppliers china - Tingertech, is leading the fan motor factory & manufacturers whose motors can be applied in various kinds of air conditioners, commercial and residential.

window air conditioner fan motor wholesale price from china manufacturer

Main Advantages of Fan Motor

1.Use NSK low noise high quality rolling bearing.

2. Performance

a. Outstanding ODM / OEM ability.

b. Quality first, we are 100% ensure the most reliable performance and quality of our motors.

3. Fan Motor Material

a. All fan motor components meet with the international standard of environmental protection requirement.

b. Stator and rotator of fan motor are made of 100% pure silicon steel, which makes the motor temperature rise lower in strict running environment.

c. Enameled wire of fan motor is made of 100% pure copper, which makes the fan motor longer operation life.

4. Appearance of Fan Motor

a. Our Tingertech fan motors are all with flawless surface electrophoretic coating treatment. Also different shell colors are available, such as black, blue gray, blackish green etc.

b. All our shaft surface of fan motor is treated with nickel plating to accomplish rust-proof function. 

Packing of Fan Motor

YSK 140 35 4-185-1 Window AC Air Conditioner Fan Motor Single Phase YSK140 Series (4)

Window Air Conditioner Fan Motor Factory

Fan motors for air conditioners are the main components for air conditioner, central air conditioner, window air conditioner operation. The room air conditioner motor drives the fan blade of air conditioner. Fan motor for room air conditioner must be running well for the air conditioning unit to do its job. This is important for moving hot air to the outside of the building, as well as blowing cool air through the ductwork and into the rooms. Air conditioner fan motor, window air conditioner fan motor from air conditioner motor suppliers & manufacturers china, window air conditioner fan motor factory & supplier & manufacturers - Tingertech, is mainly asynchronous single-phase capacitor start air conditioner motors. There is an external capacitor connected in air conditioner fan motors with the START wiring.

Air conditioner fan motor manufacturing processes

To offer such a wide range of air conditioner motor, central air conditioner motor, window air conditioner motor, Tingertech expent huge manual work, skill and years of experience. Furthermore, Tingertech has dipping equipment and drying kilns with shaft heights up to 800 mm, an in-house welding shop for flexible production of special components and custom welding designs, VPI dipping equipment and experienced specialists who truly understand their processes. This is how Tingertech guarantee you the high quality, reliability and durability of room air conditioner motor.


Stator core and rotor core for fan motor from air conditioner motor manufacturers are built up of thin punched laminations of Silicon Steel, its stator laminations and rotor laminations are made by high speed punch machine which is invested by our own, and this plays a vital role in quality of ac fan motor. Over 10 Million press strokes per day allows output of over 100 Tons finished stator / rotor core laminations each day.

stator-core-and-rotor-core-for-fan-motor for air cooler motor factory manufacturers suppliers
motor-manufacturing-processes coil winding for air cooler motor factory manufacturers suppliers


Professional in the air conditioner fan motor technology, team from window air conditioner fan motor manufacturers has extensive experience working with both copper and aluminium wire in various forms to provide coil winding solutions. Our broad customer base demands that we cannot only supply our standard range of air conditioner fan motor but also have the capability to provide custom solutions to solve challenges others can't. Contact your fan motor manufacturers now!


Tingertech,, china ac condenser cooling fan manufacturer, has specialized in air conditioner motor technology, stator assembling can be solved by our own professonal assembly technique. It meets the requirements of series production in ac fan motor, condenser fan motor, evaporator fan motor and other fan motor for ac unit. We develop and examine the entire process chain - from slot insulation to impregnating the stator and test.

motor-manufacturing-processes stator assembly for air cooler motor factory manufacturers suppliers
rotor-assembly-of-fan-motor from fan motor manufacturers suppliers factory


Rotor assembly is critical to fan motors for air conditioners in a variety of industries and applications, like condenser, air conditioner, evaporator etc. Tingertech, china ac motor cooling fan manufacturer provides high quality silicon steel material to create professional and high quality rotor assembly for all AC fan motors. A rotor assembly of ac fan motor normally includes a cylindrically shaped shaft, a processed rotor iron core and a bearing.


Motor shaft is the main component in electric fan motor. The size of the shaft significantly affects the torque in fan motor. In addition to the need to mount the rotor and a variety of attachments, like bearing, the model of the motor shaft is based on the cooling concept selection of the electric device. Tingertech, china ac motor manufacturer always offer you high quality shaft as air conditioner fan motor parts.

motor-shaft for air cooler motor factory manufacturers suppliers
fan motor test in fan motor manufacturer suppliers manufacturers - cpmdj


Motor assembly includes assembling stator assembly, rotor assembly and end cover assembly with front cover. Testing of air condition motor from air conditioner motor suppliers china, Tingertech, cover the whole areas from stator insulation test, electronic integrated test bench for winding inserting, motor integrated test bench, motor performance test, noise test and appearance detection through to dynamometer for high performance fan  motor testing.

Air conditioner motors meet the most demanding quality requirements

As a ac condenser fan motor factory & manufacturer, Tingertech offers air cooler motors, air conditioner fan motors, indoor fan motors, outdoor fan motors, window AC fan motors, condenser fan motors, general purpose fan motors, fan coil motors, heat pump fan motors, resin Packing motors, EC fan motors, AC centrifugal fans and EC centrifugal fans. We quickly and reliably meet your custom requirements. You can always rely on the proven Tingertech quality. High-quality technical production and processing plants, as well as the handling of qualified and experienced engineers and specialists ensure the highest standards of air cooler motors. To maintain quality standards, Tingertech, has introduced a quality management system.

Needless to say, our fan motor for room air conditioner meets the requirements of international standards and state-of-the-art technology. This is how we ensure global use and durability of ac fan motors.


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