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TXY-509 3k 4.7k 5k 10k 50k 100k 0-200C Clamp on NTC Temperature Sensor

Tingertech temperature Sensor,thermistor probe and assemblies are invaluable for sensing temperature in a variety of industries ranging from HVAC/R and environmental controls to automotive and white goods. Tingertech customized sensor, probe and assemblies offer very precise and extremely reliable thermal monitoring in the most demanding applications.
  • TXY-509

  • Tingertech


Product Description

How To Order Thermistor Sensor:

In order to help you get the exact model, please offer the following necessary info:
1. The application of the thermistor:__________
2.Working environment of thermistor:________
3.The range of operation temperature:___°c to ___°c
4.The dimension and the drawing of the Thermistor if available.

How to choose a suitable temperature sensor?

(1) In the case where the temperature of the measured object changes with time, can temp sensor element's hysteresis meet measurement requirements;

(2)In the case where the temperature of the measured object changes with time, can temp sensor element's hysteresis meet measurement requirements;

(3) In the case where the temperature of the measured object changes with time, can temp sensor element's hysteresis meet measurement requirements;

(4) Whether record, alarm and automatically control of the measured object is needed, and whether remote measurement and transmission are required;

(5) Whether the size of temperature measurement element is proper.

Features of Thermistor Sensor:

The lead wire is anticorrosive,waterproof,oil proof and high temperature resistant polyethylene three-core shileld tetrafluorine. It is characterized by high measurement accuracy and stalble perfarmance for liquid temperature, gas temperature and other measurement temperatures.

1.Our thermistor probe use thin film with welding by machine customized SS304 pipe

2.The lead wire is made of teflon shielded silver plating at high temperature, with anti-interference capability

3.Measuring range and object detemine the material we will use for the sensor suitable for different objects and temperature range.

Details of Temperature Probe:

R Value
5k    10k
Shell Type
Epoxy-----mainly used for indoor
Copper ----mainly used for outdoor
air conditioner and other HVAC/R systems, commercial aircraft, household stoves and appliance
1. Wide operating temperature range, good stability and reliability.
2. Easy to installation and manipulation as the sealing can be done according to environment
and conditions there it is applied by customer.
3. Accurate testing can reflect temperature change precisely.
4. Insulating resistance(MΩ): over 100MΩ at DC500 V
5. Working temperature range(°C): -10 to +105c
6. Dissipation factor(mw/°C): 1-2 (in still air)


1.The probe diameter and length can be customized.

2.Popular sensor size(D*L):4*20mm/4*30mm/4*50mm/4*100mm/5*30mm/5*50mm/5*100mm/6*30mm/6*50mm

3.Class A and Class B accuracy


PT100/PT1000 is a temperature sensor based on the resistance value of platinum (Pt) and the temperature being a certain function. GAIMC uses international imported chips (Heraeus, IST, etc.), uses high-quality thermally conductive silica gel, and fills and encapsulates the chips into probes of various materials. The temperature sensor made is in strict compliance with the IEC60751 standard. It has the characteristics of high temperature measurement accuracy, short response time, and good stability.

5.FEP Silver-plated wire with 2 coress/3 cosres /4 cores /6 cores conductor

6.Temperature Resistance 200℃

7.If any other requirements, please contact

Applications of Temperature Sensor:

In HVAC/R systems, our digital temperature sensors help monitor industrial heating and cooling systems and control smart thermostats while thermocouples provide feedback to boiler controls in the home.

In commercial aircraft, our NTC thermistors measure air and gas temperature, in a miniature and lightweight design that save space in small systems.

In household stoves and appliances, our platinum temperature sensor can help amateur chefs prepare a meal perfectly and ensure they store it safely.

Temperature Sensors Thermistors probe



Q:How and how long can I get a sample of temperature sensor to check your quality?

A: After details confirmed, the thermistor probe will be ready within 7 days. 

Q:How to order our product ?

A: 1).Please tell us the model and quantity and other request you need.

   2).We make the PI for you.

   3).After you confirming the PI, we arrange the order for you after receiving deposit.

   4).Delivery thermistor sensor after balance payment reached.

   5).Track  the temperature probe until you receive.

Q: What's your shipment method?

A: We ship by Express, by air, by sea, by train. Normally we checked and compare, then provide customer the  most suitable shipment method.

Q: What's about MOQ?

A: First order MOQ=1pcs.


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