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Grounding Rotating Removable Leakage Protector Plug Socket Protection

Our factory mainly produces LBD series of creepage protection plugs and sockets including GFCI, ALCI, PRCD and LCDI plugs and sockets. Additionally, we produce AC/DC power adapters. The majority of our products have passed CCC, UL, ETL/CETL and CE certifications. 

  • Leakage Protector

  • Tingertech


Product Description

Leakage protector, referred to as "leakage switch, also called leakage circuit breakers, leakage is mainly used in equipment failure, and to a potentially lethal person get an electric shock protection, overload and short circuit protection function, can be used to protect lines or motor overload and short circuit, can be in normal circumstances for the use of line not frequent conversion start

Leakage protection switch refers to not only it and other circuit breakers can be switched on or off the main circuit, but also has the function of leakage current detection and judgment, when the main circuit leakage or insulation damage, leakage protection switch can be switched on or off according to the judgment results of the main circuit switch components. It can be combined with fuse and thermal relay to form a low-voltage switching element with perfect function.

Rated Voltage 220VAC,50Hz
Rated Current 16A
Grounding operation Current 10mA,20mA,30mA
Trip Time ≤3S
Operating Temperature -25C A to +60C
Voltage Withstand 6000V
Endurance test times 100000
Hole of cord bushings Φ6.2mm,Φ8.0mm,Φ9.5mm
WNB9WZ2LZX%ELGMRQL3UN Grounding Rotating Removable Leakage Protector Plug Socket Protection


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