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Twin Shaft EC Fan Coil Unit Motor EC Fan Motor for Fan Coil Units Supplier

Voltage: 310-360V BLDC Motor for fan coil
Output Power: 20W-200w
Run Speed: 8 Poles (500-1500RPM)
Number of Speeds: various
Shaft Length: as your need
Shaft Diameter: as your need
Shaft Rotation: CW / CCW
Shaft details: Single shaft / Double shafted
Mounting Centres: 95/100/105mm
Base Included: Yes, 95mm shaft centre height
Body Type: Totally Enclosed /Ventilated
Example applications: Fan convector, fan coil unit, warm air heater, comfort cooling, AHU (air handling units), warm air door curtains, fan decks, air conditioning and other HVAC equipment.
  • YSZ-120-8

  • Tingertech

  • 120W


Product Description

FCU ( Fan coil motor ) is a kind of PSC (permanent split capacitor) style motor which with a running / starting capacitor to get the fan coil electric motors started and continue to run. Our fan coil motors are generally a class B insulated fan coil blower motor with sealed for life ball bearings which enable operation at temperatures of -30 to +50 ℃.

BLDC MOTOR for fan coil is a fan motor converts supplied electrical energy into mechanical energy. Various types of motors are in common use. Brushless DC motor (BLDC) ,also known as an electronically commutated motor (ECM or EC motor) features high efficiency and excellent controllability. The BLDC motor has power-saving advantages relative to other motor types. As professional ec motor manufactrurers our brushless motor main uses in air conditioner or fan coil unit or centrifugal fan.

The fan coil motor body can be ventilated, totally enclosed or extruded shell depending on your application and mounting arrangement. Mostly the fan coil motor is mounted in a U shaped resilient cradle which sits onto a galvanized metal tray (fan deck). This mounting arrangement makes for quick fan coil motor removal and fan coil motor replacement as the old fan coil motor can simply be lifted out and a fan coil motor replacement ‘dropped’ into its place.


Various ranges of fan coil motors and air conditioner motors are available in Tingertech, which are used in equipment installed in hotels, restaurants, offices, commercial and other non-domestic. Fan coil electric motors are mostly used for the repair of fan coil units, fan convector, warm air heater, comfort cooling, AHU (air handling units), warm air door curtains, fan decks, HVAC, air conditioning. The fan coil motor parts have a long service life but due to the prolonged operating hours, the slide bearing runs more roughly overloading the fan coil motor. This can also occur when the impellers in the unit become dirty. Tingertech can supply the fan coil motor to you, optionally with foot and clips.

Nomenclature for Motor:


Y: asynchronous motor

S: Dual shaft

D: Single shaft

Z: DC motor for Air conditioning

150: Motor output power

8: Number of poles

Technical Specification of BLDC Motor for Fan-coil :

Model Voltage Current Speed Output Power Insulation Efficiency
   (V)     (A) (RPM) (W)
YD(S)Z-20-8 310-360 0.08 500-1500 20 B/F 75%
YD(S)Z-25-8 310-360 0.11 500-1500 25 B/F 75%
YD(S)Z-30-8 310-360 0.13 500-1500 30 B/F 75%
YD(S)Z-40-8 310-360 0.17 500-1500 40 B/F 75%
YD(S)Z-50-8 310-360 0.2 500-1500 50 B/F 75%
YD(S)Z-60-8 310-360 0.26 500-1500 60 B/F 75%
YD(S)Z-80-8 310-360 0.35 500-1500 80 B/F 75%
YD(S)Z-100-8 310-360 0.43 500-1500 100 B/F 75%
YD(S)Z-120-8 310-360 0.51 500-1500 120 B/F 75%
YD(S)Z-150-8 310-360 0.63 500-1500 150 B/F 75%
YD(S)Z-180-8 310-360 0.75 500-1500 180 B/F 75%
YD(S)Z-200-8 310-360 0.91 500-1500 200 B/F 75%

What is a Fan Motor?

This dc motor is designed to use in evaperator cooler, air cooler, as evaperator fan motor.

Fan Motor Structure

Fan motor structure is very simple in construction. Our dc fan motors consist of a stator and contain a rotating rotor inside, which is surrounded by pole-pieces and also control panel. The fan motor types and sizes are very different and differentiate heavily among themselves.

All our fan motor complies with the appropriate International Standards as far as:




When selecting the fan coil unit motor, following criteria should be concerned.


BLDC Fan Coil Fan Motor Power


Because the single-phase electric fan coil motor uses a relatively large amount of reactive current and the output from these small fan coil electric motors is lower, the difference is large. For this reason, always check that the nominal current and power of the fan coil motor being exchanged does not differ too much.


Rotational Speed (RPM) of Fan Coil Motor


Most fan coil unit motors have three or more speeds. In practice not all speeds are always used and you can experimentally determine which speeds result in the best control. The maximum speed is the starting point for selecting the fan coil motor. After installation, always check that the nominal current for the various speeds and the least resistance for the blower are not exceeded.


Fan Coil Motor Voltage


 Our fan coil motor can be single-phase 208- 240V 50Hz / 110-120V 60Hz or other design. Please check your power supply.



Diameter & Length of Fan Coil Motor Shaft


Mostly diameter of fan coil motor shaft is 1/2" / 1/2 Inch / or 12.7 mm in one case 3/8" = 9.52 mm occurs. Fan coil units are usually fitted with one, two or three fan housings. Tingertech has exclusively fan coil motor with a shaft on both sides. If the fan coil unit has one fan housing, single shaft fan coil motor is always available in Tingertech.


Height and width of the foot


The seating measurement is the distance between the centre of the mountings for the fan coil blower motor. If the seating measurement of the existing foot and the new fan coil motor differ slightly the foot can be bent. Make sure here that the seating of the foot always stay perpendicular to the fan plate. Our fan coil motors can supply with the foot as standard.


Fan Coil Motor Balancing


Coil fan motor run vibration-free. New impellers are balanced. Impellers can easily get bent or unbalanced during transport or fitting. Often a slight vibration is unavoidable due to the overall structure. Sometimes the replacement of one or more impellers can provide the solution.  Contact your fan coil motor expert.



1. Q: How we get a same motor as we need?

A: For your same motor, please share us:

a.Your motor image and nameplate;

b.Detailed size of your motor.

2. Q: Can you provide us sample, is it free or need to pay?

A: Free sample is always available, freight cost on customer's side.

3. Q: What's your payment term?

A: 30% deposit and 70% balance before shipping by LC,TT on FOB term.

4. Q: What kind of product you can provide?
A: As a professional factory of hvac motor and centrifugal fan (housing fan), many different motor models and centrifugal duct fans are on our list: fan coil unit motor for central air conditioner, motor for split, cabinet, window, ceiling air conditioner, cooler motor, blower motor, fan motor, heat pump motor, universal fan motor, indoor fan motor, outdoor fan motor, condenser fan motor, PG motor, and other HVAC/R MOTOR; BLDC motor, EC motor, stepper motor, single and three phase motor; AC Centrifugal fan, EC centrifugal blower as well as other HVAC parts, which are on our service to help cusotmer purchase.

5. Q: Is there a MOQ for your motors?
A: Yes. The MOQ is between 100-500pcs for different models after sample approval. And it's also okay for us to accept smaller lots for the initial order.

6. Q: Could you send me a price list?
A: Most of our motor are not standard products, they are customized based on different requirements like voltage, power and shaft dia and length etc. Thus, it's really difficult for us to provide a price list. If you could share your detailed requirements and quantity, we'll be sure to offer a very competitive price.


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