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Hot Gas Bypass Valve

SAV Series automatic expansion valve is used in the refrigerating compressor system,which is not equipped with unloading device or the system,to reulator the refrigerating capacity and make it match with the load of evaporator.
Placed in a bypass line between high or low pressure side of refrigeration system,transfer the hot gas from igh pressure side to low pressure by bypass line to replace part of capacity and make suction pressure of compressor not lower than the factory setting pressure.
  • sav series

  • Tingertech


Product Description


Thermostatic expansion valve regulate the flow rate of refrigerant into evaporators according to its degree of superheat.Both  the iternal equalizer and external equalizer systems are furnished,especially, the external equalizer type efficiently eliminates the  influence resulted from the loss od evaporator pressure. The interchangeable orifice is easy to store and maintain,making the equipment to match with the system with ease. Wide range of evaporator temperature: -40℃ ~ +10℃

1. Rated voltage: AC110V. AC220V DC24V 

2.Rated power: 6W

3.Max. operating pressure:3.0Mpa 

4.Fluid permission temperature: -30℃ ~ +90℃ 

5.Max differential pressure for value opening: 2.0Mpa

6.Ambient temperature: -20℃ ~ +60℃

7.Flow rate: 1.8m /h(0.7Mpa pressure difference,air) 

8.lnternal leakage: <2ml/min 

9.Durability: >200,000 times

Model Product name Material Port Size Connection Size(mm) Feature MOQ
in. Mm in. Mm
TGF7-03 Refrigeration solenoid valve Brass φ7 3/8" 10 - - This Solenoid Valve is an automatic control parts used in liquid line,suction line and steam line of refrigerationsystem to control the refrigerant to pass or not pass, the valve is widely used in refrigeration compressor group,central air-conditioning, coldstorage equipment and bus air-conditioning system. 2 Pieces
TGF7-03S - - 3/8" 10
TGF10-04 φ10 1/2" 12 - -
TGF10-04S - - 1/2" 12
TGF13-05 φ13 5/8" 16 - -
TGF13-05S - - 5/8" 16
TGF19-07S φ19 - - 7/8" 22
TGF27-09S φ27 - - 1-1/8" 28
TGF27-10S - - 1-1/4" 32
TGF27-11S - - 1-3/8" 35
TG1020/3 φ2.5 3/8" 10 - -
TG1028/3 - - 3/8" 10
TG1064/3 φ7.0 3/8" 10 - -
TG1064/4 1/2" 12 - -
TG1068/3 - - 3/8" 10
TG1070/4 φ12.5 1/2" 12 - -
TG1070/5 5/8" 16 - -
TG1078/4 - - 1/2" 12
TG1078/5 - - 5/8" 16
TG1078/6 - - 3/4" 19



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