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VRV AC System Daikin Refnet Branch Piping Kit , Refrigeration Copper Fittings Applying To GREEN Type

Tingertech branch pipe joint is a pipe with one input but multiple outputs. Mainly used in the pipeline installation of the central air-conditioning VRV or VRF system. Its role is to divert the refrigerant in the pipeline to the indoor unit in the central air-conditioning multi-line installation system, playing a role of diversion.

  • GREEN Type

  • Tingertech


Product Description

Tingertech branch pipe joint is made of high quality copper pipe. Our ordinary refrigerator and all kinds of refrigeration equipment need copper pipe connection to achieve refrigeration effect. Therefore, the installation of fluorine machine in the central air conditioner is also used to realize cooling effect through the connection of copper pipe. The branch pipe connects the copper pipe and each indoor unit. It can be seen that branch pipe is very important for the installation and operation of central air-conditioning.Its function is to connect the indoor machine with the copper pipe, so that the refrigerant circulates in the copper pipe to achieve the effect of refrigeration and heat transfer.

Advantages for Branch Joint

Air Conditioner Branch Joints Disperse Pipe  Refnet Pipe for Daikin 22T VRF System

1. Standard: JISH3300:1997,GB/T17791-2007,ASTM B280

2. Top quality copper material C1220/SF-Cu/C12000

3. Material pipe made by EXTRUSION process, perfect size tolerance.

4. All pipes are checked by on line Eddy Current Inspection to ensure all the pipes are qualified products.

5. Smooth and clean Outer/inner surface, no smudge and rust.

6. Well brazed and all pass pressure test.

7. Long service life and recyclable.

Features of Y-Joint

1. Gas pipe, liquid pipe (suction pipe if 3-pipes models).

2. Fast automatic production for most processes, high consistency.

3. No contact with acid like H2SO4 in production.

4. Pure refrigeration copper tubes.

5. Match well with all MDV system units.

6. High quality automated brazing.

7. 4.17MPa leak test pressure for each set.

8. VRF branch pipes pass 12.51MPa burst pressure

9. Automated wrapping for VRF branch pipes.

10. Branch Pipes are insurance protected.

SpecificationBranch Pipe Joint (3)

Model A B
FQ01A Gas 19.05/15.88/12.7 15.88/12.7/9.52 15.88/12.7
Liquid 9.52 9.52/6.35 9.52/6.35
FQ01B Gas 22.22/19.05 19.05/15.88 19.05/15.88/12.7
Liquid 12.97/9.52 12.7/9.52 12.7/9.52/6.35
FQ01 Gas 15.9/19.1/22.2 19.1/15.9/12.7/9.52 19.1/15.9/12.7
Liquid 9.52/12.7/15.9 12.7/9.52/6.35 12.7/9.52/6.35
FQ02 Gas 28.58/25.4/22.22 28.58/25.4/22.22/19.05 19.05/15.88/12.7/9.52
Liquid 15.88/12.7/9.52 15.88/12.7/9.52 12.7/9.52/6.35
FQ03 Gas 41.3/38.1/34.9 41.3/34.9/28.58 25.58/25.4/22.22/19.05
Liquid 19.05/15.88 19.05/15.88/12.7 15.88/12.7/9.52
FQ04 Gas 44.5/54/41.3 54/41.3/34.9 34.9/28.6/25.4
Liquid 22.2/19.05 22.2/19.05/15.88 19.05/15.88/12.7
FQ05 Gas 54/63.5/69.9 54/41.3/34.9 34.9/41.3
Liquid 25.4/22.2/19.05 25.4/22.2/19.05/15.88 15.88
ML01 Gas 41.3/54.1/34.9 41.3/34.9/28.58/25.4 28.58/25.4
Liquid 22.2/19.05/15.88 22.2/19.05/15.88/12.7 12.7
ML02 Gas 54/60.3/69.9 54/41.3/34.9 34.9/41.3
Liquid 25.4/22.2/19.05 25.4/22.2/19.05/15.88 15.88

Branch Pipe Joint (2)


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